Suitcase/Carryon Deal at the stores


Last year when we were in WDW, we purchased a small rolling suitcase and matching carryon bag for a very low price at our resort when we spent a certain amount of money. Is there a similar deal this year that anyone has seen? We are interested in picking up at least one more of these this year when we go in Sept.



When we were there a couple of weeks ago they were offering two things and one was a duffle/duffel bag. I remember the rolling carry on from last year but didn’t see it offered this year.


I :heart: those bags. I have the red combo one from last year and the black one from the year before. I looked for them and the beach towel deal this year for one of my DD’s but never saw any. Sry.


Was it a nice sized duffel bag? Would it work as a roomy carryon? We are just trying to figure out ways to get our souveniers home. We are planning on one checked bag and then picking up a couple of bags to get the loot home. I loved the rolling bag, but a duffel could work.


It was the typical bag sized bag I see most of our junior high basketball players carry to a game. It’s not over sized, just a typical gym bag size.


Do you think it would fit in the upper compartment on a plane?


Easily. In fact, I saw several bags in the airport on our way home.


Thanks for all your help!


We had the black combo one year and then the red combo the next trip=they are so good, and great value too. We nearly always take up those offers.


The free duffles are pretty low quality. Mine split at the zipper the 2nd time I used it.


Your Black one was a Combo:ohmy: I only got 1 bag, the one with wheels. No Smaller one inside like the red one. Awww Man…:sad: