Summer Airfare Wars?


Well we’re going in less than 150 days.

We’ve watched our vacation DVD again and quizzed our 20 month old on all there is in the DVD. " 'Rella’s house" is the resounding answer to most questions.

Now I am hunkering down for the part about travel planning I hate the most. AIRFARE!!!

When do they post summer airfare deals? I go to Expedia and I get the oddest and most expensive search results. I remember traveling on ATA from Chicago for about $150 RT?

When is a good time to shop airfare and who do people suggest?

We have a solid back-up in driving and it is pretty affordable but costs more time than anything.


I hear you! I’m in the process of trying to plan a trip for the beginning of June. I put a hold on our room at WDW, then I started checking airfares on every website I could try. I’m flying out of the Chicago area, too, and I think most flights are really expensive. We used to fly Spirit out of O’Hare, but they’re no longer flying to Orlando. The best I’ve found so far is on USA 3000 out of O’Hare ($89-$99 each way). You can check on their website. I’m afraid the fares are just going to get worse, TED fares went up $5 in the few days that I’ve been checking! Do you really think they might get better???!! :crying:


I usually try travelocity and check out who is flying where and go to their websites for the sales.


Thanks, that’s one of the ones I’ve been on. I just don’t think there are any sales going on now!


Airtran is having a sale at this very moment that last until Tuesday if that helps you any. Winter is the best time to get airfare sales. I waited to long last time to buy it and won’t this year. Always book through the airlines site. You won’t have to pay the fees etc.


I know I’ve been waiting for Southwest to release their June dates for a couple of weeks now. Keep checking them. RIght now they’re only booking through June 9th.


::Thud:: :::Thud:: ::Thud:: (The sound of my head against a desk)

Travelocity is bringing up goofy flights. 7pm departures and no non-stops. Its like everyone is holding onto their good stuff for something. I’ve gone into websites searching and found the good schedules but high rates.

At least now I know everyone is finding the same junk I am seeing.

I’ve never heard of USA 3000. That scares me.


Welcome back…where ya been? :biggrin: We thought Mary Poppins had taken you.

We went thru the same thing last year. We were 2 weeks out and still no good airfare. And then it happened. I was checking the travel sites like Orbitz and Travelocity and saw that Northwest had a roundtrip flight for $130! I jumped on that price, bought the tickets and right after I did I rechecked the website - the prices had jumped back up. They had dropped their prices for about an hour. I guess I would suggest to you to just hang in there and be persistent. It worked for me last year.

Good Luck.


It sounds as if we are all in the same boat here. I am leaving either 6/9 by car or 6/10 by plane and departing 6/16.

A rental car is looking better every week - Mini-Van for $600. So I invest a bit more time and see the country a bit. Will my then 2yr old be able to handle it though?


UGH! Waiting until 2 weeks out for airfare!? The anxiety would kill me. HOWEVER! I could rent the car and keep it until I need to cancel provided a great rate pops up. It so happens I am looking for a $130ish/RT.

Because Delaney will be 2 I have to buy a ticket for her. 5 tickets!? Will I be able to find it?


Nothing new to add, just popping in to say, Where ya been?!


The new job is burying me. I used to post at the old job and the new job doesn’t quite afford me the opportunity usually - today apparently is an exception. I’m working twice as hard to get this office off the ground and then I can relax a bit to reap the rewards.


We are in the same boat, I am waiting for SWA to drop summer rates. Last summer we flew for $58 each way, it’s so hard to turn around and pay 3 times that a year later. We don’t mind driving so that’s always our backup if we can’t get a good price.


Well its good to see you today!


I just called SWA and spoke to “Judy”. She was pleasant but not at all helpful. I asked when the schedule would move beyond June 9th as I am traveling the 10th. She had no idea and said it could be from a few weeks to a few months.

Thank you Southwest. You are now free to move about the country but only when we say so.


LOL, Southwest releases when they are good and ready :wink:
I think as soon as they do release the next block of dates the other airlines will fall into place with lower fares in those markets. Check SW every day–I’d bet by this month’s end (or the first week of Feb) they’d have fares to about the 4th of July.


I’m going to recommend a website I have used before, You put in your info and it searches the airlines for the best price. It’s worth a try.


Great site Tinkerbelle - I’ll have to keep my eye on it. As of now they are still saying $281 when under $200 is usually from Chicago.


Laneysdad, we really are in the same boat. I’m looking for something leaving between the 10th & 12th, and we’re trying to get out of the Chicago area, too. We’ve probably been looking at all the same lousy, expensive flights! I’m closer to O’Hare, so I was going to take those flights on USA 3000 (I do know several people who have flown them to Orlando and were satisfied), then this week they changed the flight times so that they don’t get into Orlando until 7:30 p.m., and on the return flight we wouldn’t get back to O’Hare until 11 p.m., with 3 little kids? UGH! :crying:


I hear ya. We’ve booked a rental car/mini-van. As of now if things don’t improve I’m covered. The rental looks better each day based on cost and the ability to spend the time how I see fit versus lay overs or crappy departure and arrival times. I’m sure things will change as schedules are released but with things heating up in the Middle East gas is sure to be high again this summer. That being said the rental may be the best route for my group of 5.

Perhaps we can hook up a group deal your 5 and my 5 -10 tickets could net a discount. Maybe?