Summer Discounts 2013?


Anyone heard of any rumors of any further summer discounts for 2013 besides the normal room discount that is out now?

We would really like to go in June again, but would love free dining instead of the room discount. Anyone heard anything?


I bet Dana knows!


I’m also hoping for free dinning this summer. I know the last few years it has been offered the last week of August so fingers crossed because if we get to go that will be the week!!!


Discounts for that time frame should be out soon. We are now up until 6/14/13 as far as discounts.

I don’t expect to see much for July, but you never know. August and after should be too far off either. I would say end of February or early March.


You are awesome Dana! I was thinking pretty close to the same thing, but it is really nice to have someone reinforce your paranoia! :wink:


Thanks Dana


No problem, guys. Happy to help.


If you look at they show historical discounts. Now they are not necessarily indicative of what they will be this year but they do help you get an idea.