Summer fling 2013


Day One …
We are here and wrapping up our first day…. Whoo Hoo !!! So far that’s been the great part. Whaaaaat ???
We had a great flight in …THANK YOU SOUTHWEST, We love you!
Made great time MCO and hit the first floor to get our rental car. Grrrrr !
HERTZ …You should change your name to PUTZ ! Really !!!
We LOCKED in a Hotwire deal 2 months prior… Get to the counter and hand the rep. our confirmation, they proceed to tell us we owed an additional $12 due to a 1 hour later return. I explained that this was prepaid and had a confirmation number and ALREADY PAID FOR, hint…PREPAID!!!
They rep took my paperwork and went to the other end of the counter to talk to the “manager” …Proceeded to come back and tell me that we needed to contact Hotwire to resolve that issue. Hmmm.
Is this really happening ? Let it go and get your butts to the resort…Right?
We hit ASMo in great time and our room is ready and we have the room we asked for and all the calm is starting to return…. Hmmmm.
Get to the room and we noticed the fridge is unplugged, Go to plug in …Nothing.
I notice a note taped to the side of the unit stating that they were having problems with the mini fridges… I read NOT to plug in …. So I call down to the font desk and they proceed to tell me that they are short on fridges due to some technical issues and we would not have one … They did apologize…. Hmmmmm.
This is all taking place around 9:30 am and I explained we have Insulin that needs to be refrigerated …They tell me that we are priority now and they will get on it.
I let them know the we planned on eating in the food court and won’t be in the room, they repsonse “No Problem we’ll replace it”. Hmmmmmmmmm.
Get back to the room no new fridge … it’s now almost 11:15am and wouldn’t you know they delivered our GARDEN GROCIER order …That included milk and orange juice. Once again I place a call to the front desk… I let them know that we had groceries delivered but still no fridge … Now the guest member thinks we need the fridge for just our food … I explain again and hear that there are no fridges… I respond with what about my food? …Will I be comped for it going bad? And what about that Insulin that I need cold ???
Next thing I hear is they will have an operations person call … They call and say we are on the list and should have one in a hour ….
Well making a long story short … Around 8:00 PM and a few more phone calls not to mention the (2) garbage pails filled with ice…. We get the Fridge ,YESSSS!!!
…. NOOOOOO !!! Now the outlet that it goes to is bad… hmmmmmm.
Folks - I can’t make this stuff up …… BUT WAIT…. There’s an awesome thing going on here that I will explain later …. I’m serious, this is what we in the business call a “Game Changer”….

This is what we waited for and it involves a little princess we love to call KATY !!! Can’t wait to post more and get back in the MB loop !!!

… and for the record… NOT SCARED at the Mansion !!! :eek:


Yeah, that fridge thing would tick me off man! We are there in October and I am hopeful we have one by then. Great pic of you and your princess Wall! I hope you guys have a fantastic trip!


Wall, I hope the rest of your trip has only magical moments!! Enjoy your beautiful Katy!


A WALL trip…YAY!!! Can’t wait to read more. Princess Katie is so beautiful have a GREAT time!


Lovely! A new report - can’t wait to hear all of your adventures!


It takes some serious evil to say there’s game changer ahead and then LEAVE for over 12 hours…


Way to leave us hanging! Can’t wait for more updates!!


Hope things have gotten better, can’t wait to read more about your trip. Can’t believe how big your daughter has gotten, beautiful picture of the two of you. It looks like your having a great time.


Wow, your DD is growing up!!! Sounds like a rough start but hope we get to here something better!!!


Wow Wall…didn’t know you were heading there so soon. Awesome surprise to read your trip report. Had a same issue with not having a fridge at All Star Sports one time. Same thing, needed it for insulin. By 1am, called and told them to forget it as I was going to sleep, and we had it on ice. So, know the fustration. Katy is as beautiful as ever! Can’t wait to hear the game changer!


Keep it coming, dude - I’m working 'till midnight.


Yay, a TR! Can’t wait for more!


Okkkkk…tapping my fingers here…can’t wait for more! :happy:


Sorry Gang for the delay … We are still in the “World” (actually only our second day…) Back to the game changer.
Our DD is on her first trip without the use of a stroller … She usually wears down pretty quick hence using the stroller …. SO FAR SO GOOD !!!
We anticipated a small meltdown our first day without it …. DID NOT HAPPEN.
She walked everywhere and showed no signs of fatigue… We are so proud of here.
Our concerns were put to rest pretty quick … This changes everything for us !!!
Our first day at the MK was pretty awesome … We did the COP as our first attraction, breaking tradition from Small World. Nice little AC break too !!!
Of course we walked our happy little butts then straight over to it afterwards.
We did HM and also stayed close with the Hall of Presidents… Rain greeted us coming out of HM , But who cared… We are in the “World” !!!
Jungle Cruise, and the Tiki Room were fun. We added a new attraction… The Swiss Treehouse…. DD climbed up and down every step like a CHAMP !!!
CROWDS for us were heavy … we are used to Sept./May type crowds.
Still we navigated good thru it…And currently doing so. We wrapped up the the day heading back to the room and crash.

Day Two ….
We headed over to Typhoon Lagoon to kick the day off … 90 degree weather and the sun peaking in and out made it nice! We always begin floating on the rafts around the KC and then proceed to pull our chairs up to the line in the sand and soak up the atmosphere…. (along with some golden beverages too).
After TL we hit the Golden Arches for a snack and headed to the room for a recharge.
FYI … the Fridge is working (knock on wood).
EPCOT …. Need I say anymore. Live Music, Cold Drinks and the fish from the County Shoppe… Whaaaaaaaaaat? We are in heaven (World Showcase actually)
The little lady started with a Magarita and DD had herself a beaker of Doofenslurper… I found myself being pulled towards the U.K. like salmon swimming upstream towards that beautiful Strongbow Cider….
(may need to pause here to take a moment to wipe the tears away !)
OFF KILTER … They never disappoint , We caught the last show and then again headed over to the U.K. to catch the final act of the British (Whatever they call themselves this time) band… They have a different guitar player this time …They had a guy that looked like Jack Black, Now they don’t. hmmm
We wrapped up the night with Illuminations and a very heavy bag of goodies from Mouse Gear (Thank You DW !!! ) Back to the room for rest ….
AND this is where I am currently at now after 6 hours of sleep …
Getting ready for our third day ….


My two Princesses …eses sss ess S’ss


Yay!! Fun fun fun!..and so glad the frig situation got straightened out!


Congratulations to the little Princess on all the milestones! Her smile in the treehouse picture shows just how proud of herself she is!:happy: And so she should be! Looking forward to more!


Sounds like a great trip. Keep those pictures coming !


Woohoo! Congrats on no stroller - that’s awesome!!


Great TR! I was so in need of one. Congratulations to DD that is awesome!