Summer rides closed


My sister and her family are in WDW this week and they are telling me that I should rethink my vacation for July. They said that some of best rides will be closed in June and July - such as Rockin Rollercoaster and Soarin.

I am hoping that they are pulling my leg but I’m not sure. Please tell me this isn’t true. How can I go to Disney and NOT be able to ride RNR!!!

Anybody know anything about this???


I think that they are pulling your leg. But, Space Mountain, and The TTA will be closed for renovation.


That’s what I think but they are telling me they are being serious. I can’t imagine that two of the most popular rides they would shut them down at the busiest time.


look at the rehab schedule!!


I looked at I was correct, except that also closed until July was the Hall of Presidents… That is all…


According to the rehab schedule, the only “thrill” ride that will be down is Space Mountain. The People Mover is also down and Hall of Presidents. That’s it for July and August. I cannot imagine them ever closing Soarin’ during the summer!


Oops - sorry Hanwill - I should read all the responses before posting.:pinch:


Rehabs and Closings Schedule at Disney World I hope this clears things up for you. :smile:


I did look at the rehab schedule but I assumed they were seeing things that I couldn’t but they are obviously messing with me…

Don’t they know not to mess with me and Mickey!!!


I hope it’s not true I’ll be there at that time


[QUOTE=luvdisney;952961]I did look at the rehab schedule but I assumed they were seeing things that I couldn’t but they are obviously messing with me…

Don’t they know not to mess with me and Mickey!!![/QUOTE]

Messing with you OR they heard bad information. Every time I go to Disney I overhear others (usually people who really haven’t done their research) saying things that they have overheard. The rumors fly at WDW. Every time I am there I hear something even more absurd than before. Last time it was that people who stayed at AKL could get into AK and not have to wait in lines for the rides because they were staying at “the lodge”.:huh:


It is funny what people say to each other…that is completely untrue… It is fun to eavesdrop sometimes. When it is about Disney my ears perk up.


I can’t stand overhearing strangers talk about Disney… I always want to jump into their conversations and correct them! :laugh:

Yeah, they typically try to do all rehabs during the off-season months. Except on long rehabs, like Space Mountain’s.


:laugh: I’m just the same. My dh will whisper to me “It’s not your conversation…” But I HATE it when I hear people giving out really dumb information.


It kills me to listen to people talk about WDW when they really don’t know what they’re talking about.


I knew about Space Mountain being down for the rest of the year, but when is TTA closing? I fear I made a mistake in skipping it late last Wednesday night.

I did some checking and found both rides close next week (4/19).
TTA should be reopened after 8/26, but Space is down until after Thanksgiving.


That’s it as we know… they could always add more.


I posted this awhile back:

Plus this:


Thanks everyone I do feel better and now believe that they are just pulling my leg because they are in Disney now and I am not!


Other than Space Mountain, there pretty much are no other refurb closings scheduled during the summer that are of note.