Summer Trip-When to Go


We may have to stop going doing the school year for our annual trip and I was wondering if we had to plan to go in the summer what is the best time to go?


We have done the summer every year for the past few years. The first couple of weeks of June are the best to us. Schools haven’t fully released for the year yet in all places and it isn’t overwhelmingly hot just yet like July/August.


We have gone in late summer and in July. It is hot.

Jungle hot. Plan well. We still enjoyed ourselves.


The last week of August is hot - but the crowds are definitely thinning by then.


We have been at the beginning of September many times so I am guessing the weather will be similiar. Our schools get around 6/10 and start back around 8/25 so it would have to be somewhere during that time.


I’ve been there the last couple of weeks of August, and into September. They are both very similar except the humidity seems to start to subside a little in September.


It all depends if you want to handle the heat or not. The first trip I took was in late July of '92 and I will NEVER do it again. Early to mid June isn’t too bad with the humidity and my DK’s always liked going at this time because there were so many other kids to meet and play with around the pools.


It’s going to be hot no matter what. I would suggest late August. Schools in the south begin school in early to mid August, so you will find smaller crowds the later you go. I’d say maybe the week right before your kids go back.