Summer Vacation


I would like to get information regarding when school summer vacations start. When is the last day of school this year for you children? I have found that not all schools follow the same schedule. I am wondering what percentage will be out by June 6. Thanks for any info.


My sons school ends the last week in June!


Depends on where you are. Most of the schools in the south are out by early june (if not late May). Up north they tend to be toward the end of June (ours is June 21st).


Jersey here. My DD’s last day is the 16th of June.


Western PA, June 2nd. TOMORROW!!!


My kids were out on May 18. (We live in Florida :))


Mine were out May 25 (south FL)


DD finished around the 12th of May. DS finished on the 19th of May. Where I teach we finish June 2nd Yah Hooooooo!!! Good by until the end of August. For those poor souls that are in school until the end of June, you have my sympathy.