Summet Plummet


Ok, so who braved it and who ran away scared?

The last time we went I was so close to doing it, I was stood right by the steps and the que was tiny but I let my nerves get the better of me an ran away! I can do any kind of theme park ride but this slide scares me!! I need to do it, hopefully I can this year, any advice lol?


Just tighten up your bathing suit, whisper a little prayer, and go for it, you’ll find it isn’t nearly as scary as it looks or seems.

I really enjoyed it, and I tend to be apprehensive when it comes to anything water related.

I meant what I said about tightening up your bathing suit though. There’s a reason why CM’s at the water parks love to station themselves at the bottom of the slides. :tongue:


I did it a couple times!!! It’s fun. Females, hang on to your tops if your wearing a 2 piece! Joe


JOE! shhhhh


i saw Blizzard Beach on the travel channel the other day. it was like one of the top water parks in the country. Fyi, that slide doesnt look bad at all. Steep yes, but nt bad. In the middle section of the slide, there is actually a groove to it. It goes down straight and then about half way it jutts out and then dips back down, so it really isnt THAT steep. I haven’t been on it, but they showed it on tv…i still won’t go on it. haha.


Knew that was coming :nonono2: :wink:


I have been on it a few times. It is preety steep and really fast, but I found that the Slush Gusher right next to it to be more fun. It goes over a couple of hills and builds up the speed slowly. You still go pretty fast and on the last bump, it feels like you actually come off the slide for a second or so. Very cool!


Never EVER EVER EVER will I ride that. DH wants to though. I told him to have fun and prepare for a wedgie. :laugh:


LOL!! :laugh:

I did it and it was really cool! But my nerves were jumpin while I was waiting in line. My daughter said down in the water and looked back at me and said dad I don’t think I can do this and I gave her all this advice and a pep talk, when I saw her head disappear over that edge I said to myself, “Oh my god!! She did it!!” Well it was my turn, can’t chicken out now! BONZIIIIIIII!!!


How true! :pinch:


Summit Plummet… ooohhhh boy! Yes, I’ve been on it twice. Let’s jsut say it’s not the most comfortable experience in the world. I am sticking to Typhoon Lagoon from now on. :tongue:


Not only that, but don’t forget to pick your bathing suit out of your rear end before you stand up! Speed slides give major wedgies!! :pinch:


Yup, who didn’t see it coming? :nonono2:


Hey guys…can’t Joe be BANNED from DC for leaking classified information like that?!? :biggrin:


I don’t want to go on that slide and have to spend the rest of my vacation extracting my bathing suit from my crack. :nonono2:


Hey, I’ve ridden ToT, R&RC, the Hulk, Fire AND Ice, and a few other coasters, but I’m not strapping onto that high-speed enema!


Think about me going down that slide. The titanium hips would sound like a chuck wagon cook’s triangle … like a wind chime during a hurricane…


I never do these type of slides. DH loved it though.


Just walking up the steps next to the slide practically makes me green… Sometimes, it seems like peoples’ legs come up off the slide, and I get the sick feeling they could pop right out off and into the bushes!


That could happen …