Sunday Brunch Buffet


Does anyone know where to have a sunday brunch on or off the WDW resort? Look forward to your feed back - thanks!


My sister LOVES the gospel brunch at The House of Blues.


On property I would have to go with Ohanas at Poly. And off site they have a Shoneys just south of Disney that has always had a good spreed. Good luck.


If you have kids, I recommend getting a late morning reservation at Chef Mickey’s.


All three options listed are fun. The gospal brunch is cool and unique and you can’t go wrong with the characters at Ohana and Chef Mickeys. If I had to choose one, I would pick Chef Mickeys.

If you don’t want characters or entertainment Boma has an awesome spread at their breakfast buffet.


That’s not a Sunday Brunch. It’s not even a brunch. And neither is Chef Mickey’s. Those are just breakfast buffets, and 'Ohana isn’t even really that.
A brunch serves both breakfast and lunch dishes at the same time. Also they usually have an omelet station and a carving station.
Other than HoB, none of the Disney resorts or restaurants do Sunday Brunch.
The closest you’ll ever come is to book the latest reservation for Crystal Palace at breakfast (10:30) and dawdle until they finish changing over to lunch at about 11:15.

I am not sure about the non Disney hotels, though Dolphin used to do a Sunday Brunch.

And Shoney’s is just a breakfast buffet.


The HoB brunch has been on our list for a few years - just haven’t been able to work it on. I hear great things about it and the menu looks good.