Sunrise safari


Has anyone ever done the sunrise safari?


Last time we stayed at AKL we were offered the tour at the desk when we checked in and now I am upset we declined. At the time I had no idea they were going to make it for “concierge guests” only or else I definately would have done it. I know FOR SURE that’s it’s only available to AKL concierge guests now. Not sure why we were offered the tour in ‘05, maybe they weren’t full & looking to fill spaces, maybe it was in testing then, who knows. I shoulda’ done it, DANG!


We were offered it on our honeymoon for the day after check-in…we would have totally done it but was something crazy like 6 a.m…and at that point we had been a little sleep deprived…so we decided to skip it. We were however made completely aware that they just had some spots to fill and it wouldn’t be available the rest of the trip (in that nice Disney way). Maybe it’s because we were honeymooners. Looking back…we should have done it as well.


I called about it today and you HAVE to be a concierge guest. I would be curious to know more about this too. Also what do you get being a concierge guest and is it worth the money? We are DVC members, is there a price (point) difference for the concierge rooms?


I called yesterday and the woman said that you are to meet at the concierge level, but it is open to all guest at all the resorts.

I am going to call again after we book


I would look into this more as it is advertised for concierge guests only and not to anyone staying at a Disney Resort or even AKL.
I would love to do it also if it’s open to any Disney Resort Guest


I will look into trust me.

We won’t be going until Sept. 2008 so I guess I have some time.


I called The Resort Concierge Itinerary Planning Office (407-938-4755). They told me that the Sunrise Safari was for Concierge guests ONLY. The Wanyami Safari was open to all AKL guests.

All she told me about Concierge was that it was the 6th floor, there was food there and they were the only guests that could participate in the Sunrise Safari.

I asked about being a DVC member and she said I would need to call Member Services as she did not know what the point difference was for Concierge for DVC members.

The prices she quoted me were $55.00 per adult for the Sunrise Safari. The Wanyami was $210.00 for AKL guests and $160.00 for AKL Concierge guests.

If anyone gets in please let me know as we would really like to do this. I need to make some more calls…Hello - Member Services…:laugh:


What is this Wanyami Safari? I haven’t seen any inofrmation about this! Anyone know where to find out more about it?


Wanyama Safari
Available to all Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Guests, this three-hour safari-dinner adventure is a recreation of a true African afternoon game drive. Spend time with members from the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Animal Programs team to learn about the natural history and management of the animal collection. Enjoy incredible photo opportunities of the animals and the architecture of the Resort. Conclude the experience with a multi-course meal at Jiko — The Cooking Place. Subject to availability. Guests must be 8 years of age or older. For full details and to check pricing, times, and availability Guests should contact The Resort Concierge Itinerary Planning Office in advance of their stay at 407-938-4755.


It is on the DVC web site under AKL and recreation.