Super Bowl Sunday


Any chance all of the guests will leave the park to go watch football and we can have the parks to ourselves on this day? We’ll be eating in the AK that day on our special safari tour which should end around kick-off - just wondering which park we should go to for firework fun?

any ideas?


Funny you should mention that.

I still remember watching a superbowl be played out in CA. John Madden the announcer of the game that day couldn’t believe there were people at a theme park while the superbowl was going on. LOL

I would speculate that the crowds would be a bit smaller.


I don’t know. I’m hosting a group of 50 Chicagoans this weekend at camp. At the leader’s request, I set up a TV in the dining hall for people to watch the game during diner (We turned it into a football party, complete with “football food.”). Anyway, of the 50, only 10 really had any interest in the game, and only 5 watched the entire [horrible] game.

My point is, the Superbowl may be the most watched television event each year, but there are many more people who don’t care.

I have a thread around here about being worried over missing the Superbowl if Chicago were playing. I always watch the SuperBowl no matter who’s playing, but now that the Bears are eliminated, I’m keeping my ADR’s at Chef Mickey’s and ignoring the game.


I have been there on super bowl sunday before. The resort bars are definately overpopulated with football fans, but the parks are just about the same…there aren’t any crowds that time of year no matter what the day is.


Does this mean football is almost over??? :angel:


Don’t count on small crowds on Super Bowl Sunday. With the big market teams out of it, the TV crowd will be small for the Super Bowl. I doubt if I’ll watch it since my team is staying home. :crying: