Super Excited!


WOOO! Just looked at the calendar, and realized we leave for WDW in exactly one month! I can’t wait!!! :laugh: :mickey:

I just wanted to share my excitement…I knew you all on here would understand. :happy:


That is so great. You could start a Pre pre Trip Report.


That is awesome news… Let’s here what you have in your plans for your trip… Pre-Trip-Report!!


Yay only one month to go and you get to stay at AKL, how great.
Don’t forget to post a trip report.
I only have 197 or so days to go, yippppppeeeeee


Your staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge? We want to hear all about it. We have never been to it but hear it is fantastic! I am so excited for you!


So what’s a PRE-trip report? And do most people post a regular trip report?


Oh… it will be here before you know it. Enjoy the anticipation, that part is just as fun, I think!


Cool! Start the countdown clock . . . :wub:


We know the feeling!


The last month Fly.


How exciting for you. Wish I were in your shoes, but we have a long ways to go.:crying:


Oh how exciting for you- and we’re pretty close behind you too!