Super miniature trip report! Thumbs up vs thumbs down


Short and to the point :laugh: Thumbs up or down format…

We spent May 3rd to the 6th at Boardwalk- me, DH, DS 8, DS 12

Here are the thumbs up ratings… notice what might be missing from this list…:ohmy:

USAirways- thumbs up - for arriving early

Boardwalk- thumbs up- awesome location, beautiful room, VERY friendly staff, great pool

DDP- thumbs up- calculated what we would have spent without the DDP and we saved $$$. It’s not too much food- it’s just about right. While I would like appetizer and tip to still be included, it’s still a good deal

Owner’s Locker- thumbs up for great comminucation and a spacious purple “locker”… our first experience. I left two suitcases worth of stuff in my locker!:laugh:

Early May crowds- thumbs up! One of the slowest times I have visited :happy:

Restaurant Marrakesh- serious thumbs up! This was our first visit and it was great! My three “men” appreciated the belly dancer :glare: :laugh: The service was excellent! Thanks Mustapha and Youness!!

Spaceship Earth- thumbs up- I really liked the changes, although Judi Dench’s voice was sometimes hard to hear. The end thing (no spoilers here) is great! Although we visit alot, it was our first time on the new SE.

Japan at Epcot- thumbs up- these CMs might just be the friendliest in all of WDW

Off Kilter- thumbs up- had to include them since the men got to enjoy the belly dancer…:laugh:

Meeting LLama’s daughter, Emily- thumbs up! She said the funniest thing- “are you a member of my Mom’s cult??” :laugh: :laugh: I let her know that more of us would be coming…:eek: I will post a picture… hopefully…

Up next- some shocking thumbs down :ohmy: :laugh:


I almost can’t bring myself to post the thumbs down list! Fortunately, it’s a short list…:crying: …

Crystal Palace- thumbs down. Poor service. Food was so-so, and in an hour, only one character came past our table. This was our first visit. I know that this restaurant is popular, but I doubt we’ll try it again. There are much better WDW restaurants to enjoy.

Boardwalk Bus Transportation- thumbs down. We never had to wait longer than 15 minutes for a bus, but once on the bus, it’s a long trip! Swan, Dolphin, BC, YC… :glare: Actually, the worst was the trip home from DTD. From Marketplace to Boardwalk, it took exactly 51 minutes!!

OK friends- hopefully you are all sitting down. Viewer’s discretion is advised…

I can’t type it… deep breathing…

Le Cellier- thumbs down. :ohmy: :crying: Don’t throw rotten veggies at me.

Yes, you read that right. Unbelievable. Upsetting. Yucky. Not sure how to say this, but our meal was pretty awful. I booked this ADR 6 months ago- we hdd a 5:40 dinner time which was perfect. The podium CMs and our server were wonderful. The service was excellent all around. But the food was not good. We ordered: Mushroom filet, asparagus, tomato stack, cheese soup, marinated mushrooms, and my youngest DS had the beef and macaroni.

My youngest son’s dish was truly inedible. I’ll be honest- it was actually gross. The entire meal was completely over-peppered (is that a word?)
It was as if an entire pepper mill was emptied over our plates as they left the kitchen. My DH and I just stared at eachother in disbelief.

Le Cellier has always been our #2 favorite behind Artist Point. I’m not sure I’ll be able to drag him back there! We’re supposed to eat there next month (without DH)- I’m not sure if I’m ready to go back.

The end… (of my super miniature TR)


woaw, that “thumbs down list” is sad.


Wow! Hhmmmm . . . I would give it a second chance . . . must have been an off day UNLESS it’s so popular now, they just can’t keep up?

I wonder if the buses were on a different route cuz the crowds were low? Do they normally make so many stops? :huh:

I’m going this weekend . . . bet the crowds will be sooooooooo different! :laugh:


The vacation was great- even the long bus rides couldn’t spoil it! But holy cow- Crystal Palace and Le Cellier…I almost couldn’t bring myself to tell anybody about it! Thanks for sympathizing :laugh:


Yes, my last CP breakfast was NO good either . . . but I was hoping it was just that one off chance it was . . . maybe not? :confused:


The service was great, so I don’t think that they are too busy… just a heavy-handed pepper-person! :blow: :laugh:

I was expecting the shared bus thing from my fellow MBers. The quick walk to Epcot, and the boat to Epcot or DHS make up for the buses. We spend most of our time at Epcot, so Boardwalk was a good choice for us. But that DTD bus was tough at night!

Have a great weekend! Any time at WDW is great!


Hmm… We haven’t had breakfast there, just dinner. I prefer Chef Mickey’s or Boma for a buffet. I had heard good things before our trip… Just gives us a chance to try someplace else :laugh:


Did you return the food? Bummer!

Yes, I agree . . . ANYTIME is a GREAT time to be in WDW!! :laugh:


We returned the marinated mushrooms- our server astutely saw us picking at our meal and took them off of the bill. She was very good and we didn’t want to drive her crazy. We gave her a great tip even though the food was not up to par. The steak was cooked properly and the risotto was very good also.


Le Cellier is not one of our favorites, either. There are only 3 things we’ve found to like there. #1) PRETZEL bread (yummy!)…but you can also get it in Germany. #2) Shrimp cocktail. Very yummy…but cold shrimp (peel and eat) is EASY to find at WDW and #3 is the beef and barley soup. Which I totally love. If we go back…it will only be for a light lunch of soup and pretzel bread (we are not a big fan of their cheese soup, but the beef and barley is SO wonderful!)


We only have breakfast at the CP and love that. One time the only ADR I could get there was for lunch and I would never do that again. It was not good and the waitstaff was worn out by that time. oye :pinch:


Sorry you had a less than perfect experience. Glad there were more thumbs up than thumbs down.


Good trip report - I like the format. I would like to stay at BW some day. :wub:


Thanks everyone- it felt good to start and finish a TR in one sitting :laugh:


You reminded me that we had the mussels also- they were good, actually.

Our server was Lyndsey (sp?) and she has been at LC for a long time.

I’ll probably keep our June ressie- I worked hard to get it! :laugh:


Thanks Julie- We were having severe weather last night and I wanted to finish up before we lost power; hence the quickie format.

BW was a great place to stay, despite the long bus ride from DTD.


loved the get to the point format as well…
still like a good TR but this was helpful and informative in it’s own!
and sorry for the bumps-

i too feel guilty when something doesn’t meet my Disney expectations. It seems to be SO easy for them to just be WONDERFUL that when something isn’t so it feels “dirty” to complain or voice dislike- like you are a traitor! I feel you!:wub: :wub:


Fun TR format! I am happy that I was actually able to finish a TR:laugh: I have been so CRAZY at work that I haven’t been able to do my OTJMB (on the job mousebuzz:laugh: ).


I too enjoyed the format. I love TR’s in any format really! :biggrin:

I have never stayed at Boardwalk but we always get a cab from DTD back to POR in the evening if the boat is off duty. The buses from DTD just take too long. I fell asleep on one once…sooo tired. :smile: