Super park hoppers for sale


ok- so since I now need annual passes I dont need to hold on to my ultimate park hoppers we were given

I have 10 one day park hopper passes that dont expire until 12/30/30 that I want to sell so that I can pay for the annual passes-

With the cost of the park passes increasing each year this could be a good savings since you dont have to use them any time soon.

The website cost per park hopper pass for a one day pass is $116 per pass
since these have a long life span they are almost open ended and individual so you can use one or all of them - its up to you.

I am willing to sell them for the same cost as a kids pass- or $105 each.
If you buy all 10 of them you are saving over $100 and then some as prices rise.

pm me if you are interested.



wish I had the extra $$$ I would pick up a few from you


Would you take installment payments? :blush:


I suspect that these will be more desired by someone that wants that long time span and wants to save in the ticket cost at the door- perhaps someone with a large group going for a day or even the opposite of a small group that only go a day here or a day there. Either way I wanted to offer it here with those I trust before going to ebay or somewhere else and have to pay a portion to the sale. I have 6 people to buy for now and 10 one day passes wont be enough for us.


these are for WDW I think- I dont know if they would work with DL- but we could talk about it…:wub:


It wouldn’t make sense for me to get them or I would. I need two, 8 day hoppers for me and my DD…doesn’t pay for me to get them. Someone going for a day or a weekend may benefit, but my entire pass for one of us is about three hundred.


I would like to buy them all!! Do you still have these?


Kar, don’t mind me, but I am really confused. I need 7 days worth of park-hoppers in October b/c my annual pass expires in August. So if I buy 7 1-day park hoppers from you it would be $735. (at $105. each)?? :ohmy: I can purchase a 7-day park hopper with no expiration on the Disney website for a total of $380. with tax.

I know I must be missin’ somethin’ here, 'cause if it’s a deal I TOTALLY need 7 of them. :laugh:


i’m thinking its a deal for someone who just needs a 1 day ticket - not 7 days worth. for someone who will just be going for 1 day, it’s a great deal!


LOL- you are not missing anything- its a great deal for a person who has like 3 people in their family or 10 in their family and only want to go one or two days. Its good for then next 20 years or so - this way if you go this year and save the rest for a once a year day trip then its definately worth it. But to go for consecutive days its not worth it.


bump! I had a few nibbles but no bites yet-


Let me call my aunt tonight and see if she’s interested, her and my uncle visit 3 times a year. I’ll pm you after I get a hold of her.


My bff said she might want them. She is going to ask her dh tonight.
I’ll let you know if she wants them.


Ill post here when they are all gone.


I think she may want 5 of them. I will let you know for sure tomorrow.


can’t you “cash” them in for annual passes?


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.


You can use left over days toward an AP…that is true. Woohoo, you should just do that.


Yes, you can ues them toward the APs but I thik you can only use one ticket per AP.


Yah! I forgot about that…totally do that! I’d probably pay for at least one and a half AP’s if you paid full price for them.