Super Soap Weekend Attending Stars



All My Children
Justin Bruening - Jamie Martin
Alexa Havins - Babe Chandler
Thorsten Kaye - Zach Slater
Michael E. Knight - Tad Martin
Susan Lucci - Erica Kane
Cameron Mathison - Ryan Lavery
Cady McClain - Dixie Martin
Alicia Minshew - Kendall Hart
Eden Riegel - Bianca Montgomery
Aiden Turner - Aidan Devane
Jacob Young - JR Chandler
Colin Egglesfield - Josh Madden

One Life to Live

Kristen Alderson - Starr Manning
Kathy Brier - Marcie Walsh
Kamar de los Reyes - Antonio Vega
Kassie DePaiva - Blair Cramer
Michael Easton - John McBain
David Fumero - Cristian Vega
Melissa Gallo - Adriana Cramer
Renee Goldsberry - Evangeline Williams
Trevor St. John - Todd Manning
John Paul Lavoisier - Rex Balsom
Forbes March - Nash Brennan
Erika Slezak - Viki Lord
Bree Williamson - Jessica Buchanan

General Hospital

Julie Marie Berman - Lulu Spencer
Scott Clifton - Dillon Quartermaine
Genie Francis * - Laura Spencer
Anthony Geary * - Luke Spencer
Rebecca Herbst Elizabeth Webber
Kimberly McCullough - Robin Scorpio
Kelly Monaco - Sam McCall
Jason Thompson - Patrick Drake
Greg Vaughan - Lucky Spencer
Laura Wright - Carly Corinthos

The View
Rosie O’Donnell

Additional Host
Bob Guiney

*Participating exclusively in the special Luke & Laura 25th Anniversary “Love In The Afternoon” event on Friday, November 10.

**Talent subject to change


It’s about time they released this list!!


Yea, yea yea…sadly I dont think I’ll be able to go. First time in 5 years. I might make the drive down just to go say a quick hello to K Mo though! I want to see my 2 girls again but I might want to kill someone if the crowds are anything like last year.


No Rick Springfield???


Hmm…he was on the list when it was first revealed. Maybe it was a mistake or something


OH my gosh Genie francis is going to be there YAY I her and Luke


here is a link to read all about Super Soap Weekend Super Soap Weekend


What I read was they were trying to convince him and the actor who plays his son to both go and perform, doesn’t look they were successfull. The line up is not as good as last year, no Stever Burton. But, I will stand in line as long as it take for Michael Easton again!! I think Genie Francis and Anthony Geary are only participating at a special even which is going to be on Friday.


Well, depends on what you consider as good :slight_smile: Being a guy and seeing: Kelly, Alexa, Eden (actually didn’t expect to see that name pop up), Rebecca, Bree, Kassie, etc, etc, etc is a great list! lol. However it just keeps looking more and more like I won’t be able to go at all.


Ryan, my point exactly too many ladies and not enough guys! There are not many GH stars as usual. I am so sorry you won’t be able to be there. I will take lots of pics to send you, maybe even some of those “babes” you were mentioning.:flowers:


My 8yr old dd is THRILLED she will get to meet Babe and Bianca!!! (alexa and eden) and she also likes Jessica (Bree) from OLTL.
Iam disappointed that Hugh (Josh Casaubon) won’t be there but at least I have Aidan Turner!!! :heart:
and also there’s Thorsten Kaye, and David Fumero!!


lol when I met Bree 2 years ago she was…hmm…in a good mood. She had a good night the night before at the party the stars had. Eden and Alexa are amazing.


umm is she normally in a good mood?
or was she just feeling “good” from the party the nite before? hmmmm

and where is this party?


I will be right with you for Michael Easton…he’s my favorite.


Small hint…hang out on the boardwalk on Friday night. I know last year they spent a lot of time at Jelly Rolls and were very, very, very accomodating for fans. Taking pics, etc. Same thing the year before.

As for Bree, she’s usually a sweetheart. When I met her at SSW it was one of the first sessions of the day (they start a little before 10) and she could barely keep her eyes open. People could tell right away she was a bit hung over. But she was a great sport and made everyone feel good. I heard she had a bad session last year, but besides that everytime I’ve been around her she’s been amazing. I may be biased but no one tops Kelly, Alexa, Alicia M, and Kassie when it comes to how they interact with fans. I can say I’ve met (at past SSWs) almost all of the women who have been at SSW and the only one I had a semi bad experience with (sadly because I had a huge crush on her when I was younger) was Kimberly McCullough. She didn’t seem to want to be there at all. She might have just been overwhelmed since she had just come back to the show and she was thrust into the spotlight at the 10th anniversary last year. The event was overly packed and she had a big crowd. She tried her best to be somewhat nice but rarely smiled and didn’t seem to be having fun at all.


Although the crowds were huge last year I still had so much fun. My main objective was to meet Michael Easton. I had my fast pass but he took too long with each fan and his time ran out before I got to him. The others and I were very upset but when they started their second session with him they let us come back and go then. He was so awesome. I told him about loosing my daughter and he told me about loosing his mother.
Ryan I sure hope you make it!!!