Super Soap Weekend


Anyone going to the Super Soap Weekend in Nov? I went last year and it was so much fun. I had my pic made with some hot guys and really had a lot of fun. Seeing the soap stars was a dream come true. I have watched soaps for over 35 years! I can’t wait to hear who is coming this year! Hey, it is fun even if you don’t watch soaps, the attraction lines are so small because most of us crazies are at the soap functions!! lol


Yup we got a group of 8 girls going! We can’t wait…We’re going November 9-13th…when will you be there? Can you tell me what we must see and what we can skip?



Unfortunately no! I have always wanted to go and hopefully soem day I will getto! Have a great Time! Post some pictures when you get back!


Sorry, I can’t be there…but I’m willing to pay big money if anyone can ship JR and Jamie from AMC back to my house for the holidays! Consider it an early Xmas present!


I am going with my Mom and Niece…the 10th to the 13th.
I heard that you need to use fast pass to see any of the soap stars.
Is this correct. Any suggestions would be helpful


I wish! I tried to plan my upcoming trip for November, but I’m traveling with 2 male friends who for some strange reason were not interested in seeing the ABC soap folks. Wonder why?:tongue:


I will be there with my DD, we both can’t wait!!!
this is our first time doing SSW, My DD would really like to meet Bianca (Eden Riegel, if she’s there this year) and Babe!
I will be making a bee line for Mr Aiden Turner and Hugh from OLTL!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

We are leaving DS sunday nite for our flight back to Jersey, we are leaving around 5pm, will we miss much?!

And do people really get there (DS) at 4am??? :eek: :ph34r:
We are going in the morning sometime but not THAT early, what is a decent time to get there where all the fast passes won’t be gone? :angel:


Ohhhhh i want to go but i can’t. Oh well ohhhhh i LOVE HUGH!!! lol


We’re leaving outta Philly on Thurs and coming back Mon…I can’t wait either!!


Last year was my first year but I can tell you this GET THERE EARLY! We were on the first bus from the All Star Sports and the line was already very long. When we got in I put my husband in the GH line and I got in the OLTL line. I was determined to get my pic with Michael Easton. I got the fast pass for Michael and my DH got me one for Greg Vaughn of GH. There was a huge mob trying to get Steve Burton. While waiting for the time for my fast pass I stood over between Star Wars and the food place which is where the stars were entering. I got great pics of Susan Lucci, Sydney Penney, Thorston Kaye (wow did he look great!) Scott Clifton and many others. I was so excited I could hardly take the pics! It was wonderful!!!


My husband had a great time! He went to all the attractions several times because there were no lines, and he got to see Greenlee, even though she wasn’t scheduled to attend her husband was there!


Last year I got some great pics of JR, Babe and Jamie in the parade and when they were part of a talk show.


Michael Easton is my favorite, I hope he is there this year. Thanks for your help


Last year I didn’t go to any of the shows they had inside the ABC theater but I heard they were really great. Be prepared for mobs of people. The stars are set up around the park and you have to have a fast pass to see most of them. The lines for the fast pass are huge but I got two of them last year with help from DH. You can go up to where the stars are signing autographs and take some pretty good pics. I got a great one of Forbes March last year and he had only been on OLTL a short while. Alicia Minshew was gorgeous. I will be there. Not sure where we are staying yet. How about you?


Oh yes, anyone who wants a Tshirt get it early. They were all sold out by Sunday last year. I was so disappointed not to get one.


Snapfish: Share:Registration This is a link to my Super Soap pics from last year if anyone wants to look!!


Leslie I am hoping to go that weekend but I might not stay on property because I might not be able to make ressies until after my trip in October


Oh Cheryl, that would be great!! Maybe we could meet!!!


I hope so here is to hoping I get a room on property lol


This will be my family’s 11th year going to SuperSoap Weekend. I can’t wait. We are going from Nov 4th-14th. Whatever you do, GET THERE EARLY!!!. Disney Studios gets packed fast. Saturday is the most packed day. Sunday is alittle better. You do have to get a fastpass to see the stars. There is 3 lines, one for AMC, GH, and OLTL. Most likely you will only get to see one star per day. If you get back in line, you might be able to see another star.