Super Soap Weekend!


This is a pic of John Easton and me. He plays John on One Life to Live and is a real “hunk”


Oh my goodness! He is SO dreamy!! My DMom is going to be SO jealous…Got any more photos??? I’d love to see them!


oh yes, I have MANY more. Any particular star? Here is a pic of my DH and Kelly Monaco-Sam on GH and from Dancing with the STars


This is so fun. I really wish that I had made it out there during one of the special weekends now that it’s not going to be held at WDW anymore :crying:. I’d love to see more pictures if you have them.


I’d love to see a bunch…bring them on!!!:cool:


Thorston Kaye-Zac from AMC and Kassie DePaiva- Blair from OLTL


Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) from GH


Cameron Mathison-Ryan on AMC and from Dancing with the Stars


The grand lady of soaps-Susan Lucci


Kristin Storms-Maxie Jones on GH (also played Belle on Days)


Aidan Devane from AMC


Bobbie Eakes-Crysral on AMC and played Macy on Bold and Beautiful


Great photos, I always wanted to go during SSW. Thanks for sharing!


How come it will no longer take place at WDW?


The “powers that be” Brian Frons head of ABC Daytime TV said that they are going to try and reach more people by having shows in different cities across the country. They are also sponsoring Soap Cruises. Many of the stars were very upset because SS was the perfect venue to get up close with their fans. Many think it will eventually return. The crowds had gotten so huge I think that may have played a part in it. All I know for sure is that after attending 5 in a row and loving it I am very disappointed.


Bradford Anderson aka Spinelli on GH The King of Cyberspace!!


It sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing the info. Your pics were great and it sounds like you had a great time!


Alicia Minshew plays Kendall Hart on AMC


One of the best. I got to see the stars that I have watched for years and see the Mouse too! My family was happy and could do what they wanted also.


Kimberlly MCCollough Robin Scorpio on GH and another one of me and my “hunk” (just couldn’t resist}