Supercalafragilistic Breakfast


Ok…I am SUPER excited! I just found out that since I am staying 6 nights at port Orleans…we get 6 table service credits…not 5!(the days of the park hopper) so…I got to make an extra reservation. We are eating at the Hollywood Brown Derby so that takes up two credits…but here is what we are doing…

Sunday Sept 27:
Epcot (to see Cherry Poppin Daddys)and counter service

Monday Sept 28
Magic Kingdom
counter service for breakfast(hotel)
Counter service for lunch
5pm@ Tony’s Town Square

Tuesday Sept 29
Hollywood Studios
1225pm@Hollywood Brown Derby
counter service for dinner

Wednesday Sept 30
8:35am @ Disney Beach Club Cape May Café (Goofy & friends)
4:35pm @ Rose and Crown Pub

Thursday October 1st
Animal Kingdom/Magic Kingdom for Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party
840am@1900 Park Fare Grand Floridian for the Supercalifragalistic breakfast
counter service for lunch and dinner

plus a snack each day!

So…needless to say IM EXSTATIC! lol but the main reason for this post is to ask if anyone has ever eaten at the Supercalafragilistic breakfast? I cant believe I got reservations 2 months out! Im soooo excited! Can anyone let me know how it is…:heart::heart::heart::heart:


We’ve eaten there and we enjoyed it! The characters are a lot of fun. The mad hatter is just great! My DD5 loved seeing Alice too.

Looks like you have great things picked out. You might want to skip eating breakfast at the resort one am . . . it tends to be PACKED in the early am hours. On your MK day, you might want to check out the MK Bakery, yummy! :wub:


ooooooooooooh I didnt even think of that! lol Thanks!!! We were just going to throw some pop tarts in a bag lol, but since we have the extra counter service…why not!


Mad Hatter, nothing else need be said. Except omelet station.


where is this breakfast? I can’t say I have heard of it?


oh lordy…I am clearly having one of those idiot days…I just went back over your thread start and saw where it is - Forgive my lack of brain cells today guys!:laugh::laugh:


I usually just call it the 1900 Park Fare character breakfast buffet.


Im just excited bc it seems extra special being at the Grand Floridian! lol Im a geek!