Supercalifrag.....Where in the world is the Mary Poppins topiary?


Hello all. First of all let me introduce myself. I’m #1DDfan from NC. I go to Disney World every year. It makes me soooooooo happy.:laugh: I want to know where in the world the Mary Poppins topiary is located. I look for it every year and I have yet to find it. Thanks for your help.:mickey:


I don’t know where it is…just wanted to welcome you to MB!


I don’t know where it is either. But welcome to MB, from a fellow North Carolinian!


Thanks for the welcome KittieKChick and tinkfans. I’ve been reading posts on this site for weeks and just got validated today. I feel like Tinkerbell being released from a jar!


This place isquite addicting!!! I am going to keep checking back here to fi d the topiary when we go in march. It will be the flower festival when we are there so I’m hoping to get to see it if it is a seasonal thing. I don’t recall seeing it in september…but I could have just missed it…then again,aybe I did see it & just don’t remember


She is at the Grand Floridian outside of 1900 Park Fare. I’ll try to attach a picture. We just found her while we were waiting for dinner.

Welcome to MB!!


Thanks staceyheis. Now I have a great reason to go over to the Grand Floridian. We usually go in the fall and I thought maybe they bring her out for the flower festival. You’ve made my day.


We were there the first week of December so I don’t think she’s seasonal! Enjoy your next trip!


Welcome to MB! We saw her there, too. She’s on a little patio outside of the lobby where you stand while waiting to be seated at 1900 Park Fare. Definitely worth seeing!


Hi #1DDFan and welcome to MB- glad someone was able to help you too :slight_smile:


Welcome to MB #1DDFan!!! You will find yourself most welcome and this site very helpful!


I’ve never seen this before. Thanks staceyheis, and welcome #1DDFan!


Welcome #1DDfan. So glad you decide to join us. Once you get to know us, you’ll feel as though you have a ton of new friends from all over the country.
BTY, I didn’t know about the Mary Poppins topiary, so thanks for asking the question.:happy:


She also in England during the Flower festival


YAY!!! then we wont have to travel over to the GF to see her!!!


if you go to the GF , head to where the wait room is for 1900 park fayre. Go through the doors to your left and there it is. It is beautiful too. We got a gorgeous photo of DD there last year while we were waiting to be seated for a meal we had booked there.


Thanks Ariel. I like your directions. I will use them for sure.


you are more than welcome. We happened to stumble on this area as the room was kinda busy and we thought we explore but staying close by at the same time. :happy: