SuperSoap Weekend


Is anyone going to SuperSoap Weekend this year? It’s Nov 11-12. Please leave any comments.


I am going to try and go but I am not 100% positive


I’ll be at Disney on the college program during that time. I hope to go. I’ve never been to super soap weekend.


I hope you can go, it’s alot of fun. 30 stars come from AMC, OLTL, and GH. If this is correct, ABC might own the rights to Days of Our Lives, so if that’s true then Days stars will be coming too.


Even though I don’t watch these things, it was pretty fun getting to help Genie and ride in the same car as that girl Bree Williamson who plays Jessica on that one soap. Great dancer and very fun to hang out with.


That’s cool. You work for Disney? I wish I could. I would move to orlando in a heartbeat but the pay wouldn’t support me and my son.