Suprise trip


Richard and I have Friends from Louisiana visiting us this week and well we werent planning to go to Disney at all but our dear friends wanted to so we bit the bullet ( and we even bought our APs) and decided to go ( who were we kidding who could turn down a trip to Disney especially when we live about a hour and half( shorter the way Richard drives ) From Disney ) … So here is our trip report …

Cast Me ( tiggerlover ) Cheryl
Dh ( red cajun or Saints guy to some ) Richard
Frank ( DH’s friend from Louisiana ( and one he grew up with )
Melissa ( Franks Wife and well good friend of mine since we met about 5 years ago…)

Friday August 3rd
Background ::: Frank and Melissa came to Florida on Thursday about 5 pm Yay … Friday we went to the beach and well they were questioning what we had planned and well we said we had a day we were going to Broward ( Had to see Richards sister and well I get my car that was there getting fixed there.) . and to go to the Rapids water park in WPB… They then asked well are we going to Disney for any of the days ( mind you we asked them months ago and well they didnt want to stay over a night there and well Richard and I decided since money was tight anyways thats ok .) Richard and I also decided before they came we wouldnt go to Disney since I was working at Target for the summer and only getting 11 hours ( which doesnt help much with bills and since we were short on cash …Well they really Wanted to go since last year when they came they went to MGM for the day … Richard and I of course had to say yes since we didnt want to disappoint them … ( While I am thinking oh god how am I going to pay for Tickets and I was like Richard why dont we get a one day pass and he was like no we will get our Aps since we need them for October anyways we will just get it early … I am thinking hm how are we paying for that since we dont exactly have the 745 hundred dollars laying around just yet … He is like I will put it on my CC… I am like hm… When I ask if I can buy a few outfits on his card he says no but for a big purchase like Disney tickets he says charge … ok thats off the subject there ( but as you can see we bought the APs … lol …
I also quickly called to see if they had any ADRs for CP for dinner ( Melissa loves Winnie the pooh ) and they had an 8:55 ressie and well we were staying for the fireworks at 10 so we said ok to them …

August 5th
Richard and I get up get ready and wait for Frank and Melissa … We leave about 9:30 am ( we had decided since we will be there till 10 for Wishes we would go a little later ) … we head to Walmart because I needed an SD card because all my other ones were full and didnt have time to transfer them to cd …and to get sunscreen (couldnt find that either at the house ) We also stopped at Dunkin Donuts for Breakfast …


We Made it in record time ( an hour … )


We made it to the TTC and head on the Monrail and over to MK we got through the gates about 11 am ( they had two sides of Monorails working to MK so we also saw how crowded it was and well we were like we might not be doing alot today ) This was also Melissa’s first time to MK so I wanted to see her reaction to the Castle She loved it and of course we got a picture in front of it


Oh goody! A trip report. And, yummy, Dunkin Donuts!!


we then headed over to Tomorrow land and did Monsters inc. ,Buzz,COP ,tried to do SM but it broke down ( Melissa didnt want to go on it after seeing it with the lights on on TTA ) TTA


We then went to Cosmic Rays to get lunch … Richard got a chicken sandwhich Melissa Frank and I got a bacon Cheeseburger … Richard actually got us a table quickly … After lunch we went to Toontown so Melissa and Frank could see the characters … They saw chip and Dale . Snow white and goofy …


after that we worked our way around Fantasy land , Winnie the pooh ,Snow white , Mickeys Philharmagic, IASW… We didnt do Peter pan because the wait was over 90 minutes ( everything we have been going on had a twenty to thirty minute wait so far ) … We then headed over to Country bear Jamboree but on the way we stopped and saw a sign from Master gracey saying he was Haunting the neverworld and while the mansion is being refurbished looking for new people to add to the haunts


After the CBJ we went to Splash ( also one that had 90 minute wait we fass passed it but never got back to it ) … We then went onto TMRR which said thirty but with the heat it felt live an hour … Then we decided to see about POC It had only a 10 minute wait ( OH MY GOSH ten minutes YAY ) we then went to see about the Jungle cruise another 90 minute wait so we decided to see if we could get into CP early but they were booked solid we then decided ok lets get a dole whip Float ( I was wanting one all day ) and then go to either Splash or another ride we missed along the way … After Dole whip we I got outvoted and went to Stitch since we missed it . Melissa and I had defected chairs we didnt feel him breathing on us or smell the corn dog … We then saw we still had about an hour till our ADR so we decided to go shopping … I have turned Melissa into a monster with scrapbooking and she bought some supplies ( I really wanted two set of disney punches but they were 16.00 dollars each and well we are short on cash since we spent alot since Melissa and Frank were here so I said I will get them either in September ( since we have Aps we are going for the HM preview ) or October … . Finally it was time for our ADR … we actually were sat buy a window so we saw Spectro from it and we finished dinner 5 minutes before wishes and got a great spot right in front of CP for Wishes … ( but we couldnt hear the soundtrack due to the fireworks from there but saw Tink with a great view … ) after that we made a bee line for the stores to get to the exit faster and onto the resort monorail ( which was alot less crowded then the reg monorail ) to get to the TTA we got home about midnight and took showers and went to bed …

ALL in ALL this suprise trip was great and we got to see almost everything in M


What a great, surprise trip!! It must be nice to be able to hop in the car and be at MK in one hour!!


How nice! Surprise trips are the best!


What a great surprise… I could use one of them…


What a great surprise! Sounds like a fun time and wow, Cheryl, you look great!!!


thanks …


sounds like a fantastic day!!


What’s this about an AP HM preview???


Wow! Talk about spur of the moment…thanks for taking us on your suprise visit via TR. :smile:


Alma I think that its the 2nd week of September that we can see the newley refurbished HM …