What is the best way you told your kids they were going to Disney? We have 24 days and want it to be a huge surprise and big deal when we pick them up from daycare and head right to the airport.


The only suprise we ever had was telling the kids we were going to WDW and they were not. At least that was what Pam thought.

I had scheduled a vow renewal for our time in WDW. The ral suprise was when the kids magically appeared on Sunset Point.


You haven’t told them yet??? Whoa- I did not know that. We did the whole “Dont get on the bus” thing- but youre kids are in two seperate schools. What if you tole them that you were going on a business trip and they were going to go to the airport to drop you off. After you go through security and are waiting to get them on the plane (they are young enough that they wont know the difference) You give them a goodie bag with sunglasses, disney pens, disney themed stuff (cheap from the dollar store) and they then get on the plane. OUr big kids were too old for that and we had too many suitcases to pull that off. -Another idea is to have Dawn drop you off at the airport to check in the bags before she goes to “pick someone up” from the airport. You can greet them at the gate with the tickets in hand. You live close enough to the airport to pull that off!


Someone on this board(maybe Val32?)said they were going to visit a friend from high school that lived in Orlando and when they arrived she told her daughter WERE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!


Oh I haven’t any good ideas but I would sure like to know what you decide to do- I love some of the surprises Buzzers have pulled over the years. The ad campaign for Disney in the UK is surprising kids and its sooo good, so emotive- so get your thinking cap on!


We are leaving on the 12th and picking them up from daycare on our way to the airport so they will find out as we are literally leaving to go. I think we are going to walk into their daycare and have them open a box with a Disney balloon that has a card on it saying we are going to Disney. We may even make up some Disney shirts to wear when we pick them up. I am still on the fence but want to make it big!


When DD was 6 we surprised her. The morning we were leaving I led her into our spare bedroom and there was a tshirt laying on the bed that I made that read: “Surprise Jillian, you’re going to Disney World!” It had a picture of the castle with Minnie & Daisy in a car driving towards it. (She wore it on the plane and got so many comments from people- that was fun!) I also made a scroll that was an invitation from Minnie to the Pirate & Princess Party (that I had tickets for) next to a pirate costume for her. It was great to surprise her…but now that she’s older it’s fun to plan the trip with her. Have fun!!!


I like the idea that you are taking them to bring someone else to the airport or picking someone up at the airport and then telling them they are going to Disney World.

I look forward to hearing what you end up doing.

Our kids know we are going in the fall but we didn’t tell them the exact day. We leave at 6:45am so we are going to wake them up at 4ish and set the clocks ahead and tell them its time for school. Then tell them the we are really going to DisneyWorld right NOW!!!


Well Believe it or not the first trip to Disney back in 07 we managed to drive fourteen and a half hours get on property in the POP parking lot without either girl knowing where they where going and that was only because both fell asleep when we got on property. I got the video camera out and woke them both up and girls we are here can you tell me where we are? IT was priceless, now days they know before we leave no hiding that from them now. GOOD LUCK and enjoy it is a very special time.