Surprise cakes


Thought this was a cute idea as an alternative to a plain 6" cake – is that the cake INSIDE the box? I wonder…

Cakes - My Mini Surprise Cake
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Our new personal-size party cakes come in a special Disney Princess Jewelry Box or Pirates Treasure Chest container, with a special surprise toy! They make the perfect treat to a Disney dining celebration. Available at most Family table service locations.


DO you think you can personalize them to what ever your celebrating?


that is so cute!!! :laugh:


Look in my picture thats the cake. Its as small as a tastycake. It is cute but small


lol Its so cute but is it worth it… does it taste good?


I paid $15 for it. It was worth it because it was my dd 8th bday in disney. It was small. Like a tasty cake pie. They have a “shelf” built in the box that the cake stands on.


That’s adorable, would be perfect for any little kids celebrating.


I LOVE this! How do you order them? I want one for DD.


Depends where your ADR is just put it on the ressie. We had ours at Ohanas


I remember you planning this for Madison’s B’day last year. I was wondering how that went with the cake and all.


Im sorry i didnt finish a TR. I had so much going on at the time. The cake was awesome. its my profile pic above.
We had the best time ever


Is it an individual serving?


I am curious about the serving size too… I have two kids and maybe going with another child, so we would need to see how that would fit into the plans…


It looks to be the size of a few cupcakes…


It can be cut in half for two people. Its the same size as a tasty cake pie.