Surprise Fireworks Cruise Booked!


I just got off the phone and have now officially booked our DD’s birthday surprise! She is turning 11 two weeks before we go to WDW and decided to forego a big party here for celebrating at WDW. She thinks the Halloween party, Pirates League and special meal are all she is getting. Little does she know that I just booked the Magic Kingdom Wishes Fireworks cruise for our first night! We went on the Illuminations one back in June 2009 for my mom’s birthday and everyone simply raved about it. Emilie has mentioned it a few times but knows it’s expensive and we are doing the MNSSHP so she thinks there is no way. I can’t wait to see her face when we walk over to the Contemporary marina and see the boat!!!


Awesome surprise! She will be thrilled!


What a terrific surprise! I’m sure she’ll be thrilled!


Oh to be there to see her face when you get to the boat will be priceless!!! That is great!


Wow! what a Great 11th birthday she’s going to have.


I love how you think!! i gave my youngest a trip to SSR Spa in May for her first massage on/for her birthday. She loved it. I love being able to do things like that,esp. in Disney!


You just gave an idea for her next surprise! I guess though we need to do something for DS first on the next trip.