Surprise, surprise!


I’m so happy right now… My friend’s birthday is today, and since I’ve always been there for her (she said that), she told me she’s bringing me to California Adventures with her tomorrow to celebrate! :wub: :heart: I can’t believe it! She knows how much I love the Disney parks…

I’m on Cloud 9 right now. :wub: :happy:


I’m so happy for you! You must be a good friend. Have a great time.

By the way Buster is darling.


Thank you! :happy:


Yay! Have lots of fun! :happy:


:mickey: I am GREEN with envy!!! Have fun!


Yeah for you!!! Have fun for all of us.


It’s always good to have friends…

It’s even better when friends take you to Disney with them!

Have a fun time!


Good friends are priceless, enjoy your day together :mickey:


Hope you both have a great day celebrating her birthday. Surprise trips are so much fun.


That’s awesome… Have a great time!!


Have fun tomorrow!


Great stuff. Have a good time. This is a special treat alright.


Thanks, you guys. :mickey: I don’t know how I’ll be able to sleep tonight!


I hope you had lots and lots of fun! :biggrin:


Yeah, I did! I watched/rode a lot of stuff I haven’t before… :wub: :heart: Now, I wonder when I’m next going back…



You didn’t go on the Sun Wheel did you? :eek: That has to be the scariest ride at DLR :sad:



That was the scariest thing in the ENTIRE park. The tower of terror and the roller coaster weren’t even as scary as that!!

My friend and I went on the sliding one, and I thought we were going to flip over/fall off at any second!

I am soooo not going on that ever again. :crying: :ph34r:


Oh no! :eek: I wouldn’t go on the wheel in the first place, it’s too high for me, but to go in one of the cages on a track :pinch: not in a zillion years! That is the last ride I’d go on, lol.

My hat’s off to you for having ridden on it! :happy:


Heh. I wouldn’t have ridden it either, but I made a deal with my friend that if I rode that, she would ride the roller coaster with me.

:laugh: :laugh:


It really sounds like you had a good time… :laugh:

Are you going to do a trip report? :huh: