Surprise the kids


Hi everyone, we are going to disneyworld again 9/27-10/7. same time like last year. during free dining. awesome.

we have told our children that we are going to DL. i would love any ideas on how we should surprise them that we are really going to DW and when to do it. they really wanted to go to DW and not DL. so they will be really excited. any thoughts would be great.

Mahalo :tongue:



I am not good at surprises, but it’s SUPER cool of you that you’re doing that for your kids!! I bet they’ll be thrilled!


I’d tell them once you are in the air! :tongue:


What a great surprise! I’m not very creative so I’m not much help on how to tell your kids. We are surprising our DS in 2 weeks with a birthday trip to WDW and I still don’t know how I’m going to tell him.


If the kids figure out that they are boarding a flight to Orlando instead of CA they will freak… why don’t you wait till the start boarding the plane… when they make the announcement… flight 1234 for Orlando now boarding say “By the way… we’re going to DISNEY WORLD!”… they will jump up and down and thank you all the way to MCO


Stephanie - by the time you tell Nathan, you’ll need a week at an exclusive spa for rest and relaxation - the stress is killing you! :laugh:

I’d vote for telling them in the air. That would be the easiest way.


thanks for the ideas. i was thinking about telling them when we get to cali. we are stopping there and then to mco. instead of getting the rental car, we will be getting on the plane to mco. i the air would be cool also. cant decide. thanks again for the ideas and any others are welcome.

aloha :wink:


We surprised the kids on our last trip in Jan. I told them we were having “game night” the night before we were leaving. So as a surprise, when they got home from school we had a new game “The Magic Kingdom Game”. They were thrilled!

So we played the game, basically making your way around the MK visiting different attractions. At the end of the game DH and I grumbled about how the game wasn’t that much fun. “Did we REALLY get to go on Space Mountain?” “We didn’t REALLY see the castle”

“Hey kids, why don’t we go to the REAL Disney World?!?!”

It took a few minutes to convince them we weren’t kidding, but it was SO worth it! And SO much fun!!!

Enjoy your surprise! Keep it a secret, you’ll be so glad you did!