Surprise trip for our daughters & hubby's birthday trip!


So, we got back on Saturday night, but I just haven’t found the time yet to sit down and write a trip report. I will admit that I did not write down what we did each day, so I’m sure I will forget a lot, but I will try to remember as much as I can.
Also, we were surprising our daughter’s with this trip, since I am 6 1/2 months pregnant, and we didn’t want to tell them about the trip, in case we had to cancel for any reason. Well, up until the night before we still weren’t sure how we were going to tell them or if we were just going to let them figure it out.
I am happy to say that we just decided to let them (really our older DD since she is 6) figure it out on their own. And, they were both (ages 6 and 2) so excited once they knew! More details to follow.
I plan on starting the Trip report tonight, so stay tuned.


Can’t believe you are back already. Hope it was a nice laid back kind of trip so you didn’t over do it (pregnancy wise!). Looking forward to hearing all the details.


suspense. AHHHH!!! Glad you had fun. can’t wait to hear about it!


Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!


Welcome back, can’t wait to hear all.


Can’t wait to read all about it! Welcome home!


I am sure it was a great trip, can wait to read more.


Looking forward to hearing how she figured it out!


I love trip reports!!


Welcome home. Can’t wait to hear all about the trip.


So, I will start off by saying who was on the trip:
myself (6 & 1/2 months pregnant)
Oldest DD- 6 & 1/2 years old
Youngest DD - 2 & 1/2 years old

DH and I decided not to tell the girls about this trip, even though oldest DD has been asking for about 9 months when we were going to Disney this year. We told her we didn’t think we were going to be able to this year. Once we decided we were definetly going, I was pregnant, so we decided we still shouldn’t tell them in case there was any reason I couldn’t go last minute.
So, the morning of the trip DH and I woke up at 3:30 am to get ready, and then woke the girls at 4:15am, changed their clothes quick (all while oldest DD is asking “where are we going?”), and got them in the car. We were driving for about 10 minutes when oldest DD asked again, “Where are we going?” we only answered her with “It’s a surprise”. She took that answer and relaxed the rest of the ride. We pulled up at the airport drop off a little before 5am, and oldest DD is staring around and says “Are we going on a plane?”. I answered “yes, where do you think we’re going?” and before I could even finish the sentence she said “DISNEYWORLD!!!” I said yup, and the smile on her face was great! Then youngest DD started yelling to me…“Mommy…Disney!!” They were so excited and so cute! When they both got out of the car, they hugged DH and I, and said “thank you”.

We checked in, etc and were on our way to Disney at 6:45am. We landed in Orlando at 9:30am, went and got our rental car, and headed over to Pop Century. I did online check-in, so we walked up, (there was no line at on-line check in), and were greeted by a very friendly CM. She did tell us that the room they had assigned to us, wouldn’t be ready until about 3pm, but that there were 2 rooms available on ground floor, like we asked for, right now, if we would rather one of those. Well, ofcourse we took one of those and brought our stuff to our room. Today was actually my DH’s birthday, so I had made reservations at CRT for dinner that night, and the girls decided they wanted to wear their princess dresses, so we got them changed, and then headed out to MK. We had 2:00 reservations at the Plaza Restaurant. We got to the park, took the ferry over, and decided to get a fast pass to meet the princesses. We took our time walking up Main Street and got to the Plaza Restaurant around 1:15ish. They sat us within 5 minutes and we had a very nice lunch.


Your girls are so cute!! Can not wait to hear more!!


So glad to see you have started your TR! I can’t wait to read more! Your DD’s are cutie pies!


After lunch, we headed over to use our fastpass tickets and meet the princesses. The park was crowded, but not as bad as I thought it would be since it was the Oct 1st, 40th anniversary! Once done meeting the princesses, we decided to head to “Pirates of the Caribbean” since my oldest DD wanted that to be her first ride, then we went toward the Liberty Square Riverboat, since we had never been on it. While on our way there, my DH was checking every stand because he wanted one of the new Mickey head pretzels. Well, he found it outside Country Bear Jamboree. That made his day…LOL…he’s easy to please. We took a ride on the Riverboat, which was okay, no need for us to do it again. And then we went to the stores on Main Street, since DH wanted to look for a 40th anniversary shirt. We did some shopping there, and then I told DH that I needed to sit and rest for a little while, since my stomach was feeling a little tight. We got a table in one of the little side streets off of Main St, and sat and had some drinks for a little while. Suddenly we noticed that oldest DD fell asleep. So, we let her sleep for a little while, and when she woke up we headed over to Buzz, People Mover, Carousel of Progress…when we came out of Carousel of Progress there was a party going on, with a DJ and dancing, so DH and the girls joined in. After about 20 minutes of dancing, we headed to “Stitch’s great escape”, we have never done this ride and oldest DD said she really wanted to. I told DH that I heard from Mousebuzz that it could be scary, so I would stay off with our youngest DD. He took oldest DD on, and when she came off the ride and walked over to me she was crying…she did not like it! She told me she never wanted to go on it again. :ohmy: I calmed her down, and we decided to do Monsters Inc Laugh Factory. Once we left there, it was time to head to the castle for our 8:05pm ADR. We decided to walk around the back way (past speedway, tea cups, etc.) because there were too many people waiting for the parade and fireworks to start already.
We got to CRT, checked in, took our picture, and headed upstairs for dinner. During dinner the fireworks went off, which was nice, and oldest DD lost another tooth. Not sure if anyone remembers, but DD lost her first tooth in Disney last November, and now she lost another tooth the first night we were there this time.
Our waiter was Okay, nothing great at all…definetly not “disney like”. He did bring over a birthday cupcake for my DH, but he was just not very “Disney happy” as I think most CM’s can be at. Anyway, it was an okay dinner, and the girls were very happy to see the princesses. Oldest DD loves meeting them…youngest DD likes them when they’re far away, but once they get close, she doesn’t want anything to do with them. Once we were done with dinner, we headed out of the park, and went back to the hotel for bed.

DD’s and my big prego belly:


More pics from day one:

DH took a picture from the castle looking down Main St, at everyone waiting for the fireworks to start:

Lost tooth:


Helping Daddy blow out his candle:


Thank you! :wub:


Thank you! :wub:


What an awesome TR. I am so going to have a Mickey Pretzel on our next visit. Our waiter at Akershus was actually the same way about it , when I asked about the birthday cupcake, no enthusiasm at all and it was my 5 year olds birthday.


Sorry I didn’t do more TR this weekend, but it was a very busy weekend. I plan on getting more of the TR done tomorrow.