As you know DH and I decided in January we would go back to WDW in March and suprise DD. I’m very proud of myself because I kept the secret! With everything that happened the week before we left we were in need of some serious WDW magic. So here is our TR:

Tuesday March 14:

The plan was to take my car to the shop for a quick oil change and look over before leaving that afternoon. So I dropped the car off and headed to work. About 9:00 AM the mechanic called to tell me that my timing belt and some other belts needed to be changed and my car could use a good tune up. Well, that is just my luck. He did assure me he could still have the car ready by 4:00PM. I called DH and we opted to just do the belts and oil change and save the tune up for later. Work was very uneventful and got off on time (very unusual), DH and DD came to pick me up. We went to pick up the car and guess what it wasn’t ready. So DH stayed at the garage while I went home to finish up the last minute packing. DH got home about 4:30PM so we weren’t too far behind schedule. We hit the road. All DD knew was we were going to spend the night in a hotel. We stopped by Burger King for in-car dinner. We drove to Darien, GA and stopped for the night. We told DD that tomorrow she would be getting a big surprise. She was so excited! Off to sleep to dream of WDW.


Oh, how cool! Thats great that you were able to keep it a suprise…I can’t wait for more!!!


I have been thinking about you, and how things went. Can’t wait to read more!


Wednesday March 15:

We were up early and had breakfast at the hotel (Hampton Inn, our favorite). We were back on the road by 8:15AM. We had a very smooth uneventful drive. I really thought DD would start noticing where we were when we hit Orlando but she was into her DVD and never looked up. When we took the exit to Downtown Disney I told her to start looking around for her surprise. About the time she looked up from her DVD player we rounded the bend and she saw the Welcome to Walt Disney World sign. Her eyes got huge and she screamed: “OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!” DH and I both said yep, surprise! She was elated! She kept saying thank you and this was the best day of her life. I was in tears! :heart: :wub: It was so worth keeping it a secret!

We found POFQ easily and headed to check in.  It is such a beautiful resort.  Check was quick and smooth.  Of course we arrived at 12:30 PM and no body was at check in.  We timed it just right, as soon as we were done checking in the Magical Express bus drove up and about 10 families got off.  We headed to our room, 3330.  AWESOME location!  Building 3 is the one right beside the check in building which also holds the gift shop and food court.  We dropped our luggage and headed to get something for lunch at the food court.  It was much smaller that the food court at CBR or POR but we loved it.  Emilie was still just floored that we were there.  She just kept saying thank you over and over and over and over.  Emilie had pizza, I had the kids pasta, and DH had a double cheeseburger.  It was good, DH said the burger was really good.  After filling up we went back to the room so I could unpack.  

After unpacking Emilie was BEGGING to go swimming.  I mean BEGGING.  So DH agreed to take her.  We headed down to the pool.  AWESOME pool!  They swam for about 30 minutes.  We had to force her to get out.  She kept coming up with excuse after excuse on why she needed to remain in the pool or get back in.  The reasons ranged from it was too cold out of the pool  :glare: (it was chilly witht he wind blowing) to she needed to rinse her foot off because she had gotten dirty and she needed to put her whole body in to do that.   :nonono2:   After finally getting her out and dryed off we headed back to the room for them to change so we could go to DTD.  

After they were changed we headed to the boat dock.  When we first walked down there, there was no line.  The line quickly filled up.  The doat arrived after us waiting maybe 15 minutes.  The captain came over to tell us that there was only room on the boat for 4 people.  Great for us!  Bad for the others line.  He did assure them another boat would be along in 10 minutes. On the ride to DTD we had a wonderful conversation with a couple from Mississippi.  They had been coming to WDW every year for 18 years and they told us their teenagers still love it as much as they did when they were little.  So that made us feel good that Emilie will still love it as she ages.  

More to come tomorrow… got to go.


I love that she didn’t look up until you were in front of the sign. How cool is that? Can’t wait to read more!


Great Start!!! Can’t wait to read more! Congrats on keeping the surprise for your DD! :happy:


I’m so glad that you were able to keep the surprise!!!


Her reaction is so cute! How fun, I just :heart: surprises! I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your magical trip!


Yeah surprise TR! MY Favortie!!! Can’t wait to hear the rest. I am so happy that you were pleased with POFQ. I loved my stay there.


I am loving the TR so far!! Oh, these surprise trips always make me wish I could surprise someone with a trip!! Someday…someday…:whistling


awwww!! I bet her face was priceless when she saw the sign!! The pool part was so cute… :laugh: I can’t wait to read more!! :slight_smile:


What an awesome surprise! I hope our surprise trip starts as well as yours, I can’t wait to read more.


How fun for your DD! And how cool of you to be able to keep it a surprise! In our house, DS would become incessantly annoying until we told him. Or we’d have to lock him in his room until we left . . . hmmmm.

Your TR is off to a great start. Looking forward to more!


Awesome way to start the trip! I can’t wait to read more! It is SOOOO AMAZING how you kept the surprise…and how she only looked up to see that sign!!! What a great surprise. How old is Emilie? I can’t wait for my kids to be old enough to surprise them. :wink:


What a great surprise! She’ll remember this all her life. I’m so glad you could pull it off. I’m lovin’ it. More please.


How cute was her reaction!!! I love it! Keep it coming…


Welcome back wbg!! I am so happy that your surprise was a success!!! I can’t wait for more :mickey:


AHH Man, this brought tears to my eyes too. How wonderful!!

More Please!!!


awe love your DD’s reaction great start to your trip report


Great TR so far! Your DD sounds so precious! :wub:
More More More!!!