Surprise Trip


We are going to WDW over Thanksgiving weekend. My brother decided to take his family to wdw from Thurs until Sunday of this week. We decided we would surprise DS and whisk him to WDW to catch up with his cousins.We planned on leaving 530am on saturday morning. We are staying at the Coronado for the night. I tried to get a room for friday, thinking of going after work, but nothing was available. There are rooms for $77 at the value for friday.

I am thinking of staying off property for friday night because I am not a fan of the values. I just am never comfortable in those beds. Can anyone recommend an off site property, under $100 for a night?


I actually really like the values, they are on Disney property, you get everything Disney and they care cheap. Why would you wanna stay somewhere off property where it could be worst? That’s only my thoughts though :).


Check the deals currently going on at the DTD hotels.


I just find the beds to be really hard, small, and uncomfortable. Personal preference I guess.


Well how exciting! If its just for one night, I think I would stick with the value. But you can always check on mousesavers for good deals off property, or even check on the swan or dolphin.


I believe Pop changed their mattresses, they are much more comfortable now.