Surprise Up Grade


We are leaving on Friday for a three night stay at the Contemporay. I just got the the biggest surprise. We were upgraded to a Tower room overlooking Bay lake!!! I am so so surprised because Cast Members are the last guest to receive upgrades. Plus I have dreamed of staying in the Tower for a long time, and I was happy just to be staying in the south wing. This is my first time to stay on the Monorail line and I am stoked!!!


Thats GREAT! Enjoy!



My son really wants to stay there but only in a tower room. I haven’t talked myself into paying rack rate for a tower room yet but maybe before he goes off to college he’ll get his dream.


I was able to get this room using a 60% off Cast Holiday Discount. Usually Deluxe is way out of our price range. My DH is a teacher, and I am full time student so we usually stay at Pop. I feel really lucky to get to be staying there.


Congratulations. Hope you have a wonderful time!


Wow that’s great! Have a wonderful time;)


Great news! Can I ask you- how did you find out?


Congrats to you!! Can’t wait to see pics of your view! Have fun!!!:heart:


Congrats, you’ll LOVE the view!!! In April we were surprised with an upgrade at check-in to a Tower Room overlooking Bay Lake. I had just booked a Garden View (expensive enough!) DD would sit on the balcony every night, it’s so pretty and calm. The best part was watching the Electric Water Pagent thing from your balcony. You can even hear the music!!!

I thought the room at the Contemporary was one of the most comfortable hotel rooms I have ever stayed at!!

Have a great time!


Valerie, take a ton of pics out that window!!! And have a wonderful stay!




Don’t ya just love those kind of surprises!?!


Congratulations. That’s fantastic. Enjoy


Valerie… you guys are going to have such an amazing time. We stayed in the tower 2 years ago and our view of the castle made you not even want to go to the parks. Take lots of pictures…


Valerie that is great! I am so excited for you! :happy: Wow those are really the things that make Disney extra magical huh?


Awe!! Have SO much fun!!! And take pictures!


That is awesome… congrats


Congrats on the AWESOME upgrade!!! You’ll have a blast! :heart:


Sounds great and we just stayed at the Poly in December and loved the Monorail right there to wisk us off to the Magic


Wow, what a great surprise! I love it when a deserving CM (past or present) gets a special treat like that!

Have a great time!