Surprise Vacation


A co worker told me about this site and I can not control my excitement and need to tell someone so Im telling all of you
WERE going to Disney. In November to see all the Christmas stuff. The kids have no idea and we want to keep it that way right until the moment we pick them up for school to leave for the trip.
We are about 15 hrs from Disney and to fly was just as much as a carnival cruise out of Pt. Canaveral SOOOO guess what we did. We booked the cruise as well AHHHHHHH were crazy to do this but heck you only live once.
So we have 10 days at Disney and 5 nights Cruise and 30 hour round trip drive. CANT WAIT

We are trying to decide on the best way to surprise the kiddies any ideas
We have so much planning to do get all their school assignments with out them knowing is the toughest I think.


Welcome to our little disney family.

Sounds like you have wonderful plans. How old are your children? You must tell us more, we thrive on hearing disney plans. :happy:


Wow! That sounds like an awesome plan! The kiddos will be so excited! We’re going next December for my DD’s 12th birthday (12 on 12/12/12!). So exciting!!!


WOW! Now that is a vacation! Welcome to MB! You’ll find the best people on the net her.


Welcome! and don’t ever feel like a stranger here. It’s a great Community.


WELCOME!!! Can we all say we might be a little jealous??? Ha ha ha! Nah, thats totally the way to vacation. Yes, tell us more. We love all things Disney. Hope you get to know us here cause we are all one big family,with a few adopted ones we cannot controlcough cough Boss,Wall cough!!


I would meet with the teachers- in person… that way, they know that you are serious about it being a surprise…

How do you want to tell them? How old are your kids? There can be lots of ways, scavenger hunts, music clues, clothes clues, etc…

We are full of ideas! What a fun trip you will have!


Welcome to Mousebuzz! This is a great place to share your experiences with Magical Disney Fun.


Wonderful a cruise and WDW! Welcome to MouseBuzz!
I would make sure the teachers know that this is a complete surprise so they don’t say anything accidentally.
Although it would be great to plan something elaborate to spring the surprise I think just waking them up with the news would be exciting!!


Welcome to MB :mickey:


Welcome to MB. Don’t worry about Boss and Wall. They make sure this is the most happening board around.

Have fun planning.


Welcome! I am sure you will find all the answers to all of your planning questions here. This truly is the most helpful Disney planning site you will find.


Welcome! Now that’s my kind of thinking- drive so you can add a cruise!!! Have a great time!!


Welcome to Mousebuzz! It sounds like you have an awesome vacation planned. You may want to search on YouTube under “Disney Surprise” and watch how others have done it. I would be tempted to pick them up from school and just start driving, then wait until they ask where you are going, then hand them a greeting card with the exciting news written inside. Or maybe tell them a faux destination when you start driving, and not do the reveal until you drive through the Walt Disney World arch. Any way that you do it will be great, I’m sure.


well 47 days to go Getting the to do list shrinking. Still havent a clue on how to surprise the kids. All we know is we pick them from school on Friday (11th) and bring em home to let them pack a few things we may have missed then NEXT STOP DISNEY
( well food and gas) NOW how to shock them Im sure tears of joy will flow
Thx for all the ideas thus far keep them coming


Welcome to MB.:happy: Sounds like you have an exciting trip planned. Is this your first visit to WDW? If so, you’ve come to the right place for planning advice.


Welcome to MB! You will LOVE it here. You cannot imagine how many great tips you will get on this site.

How old are your children? Perhaps you could write on the back window of your car DISNEY BOUND or have the car decorated in some fun way? OR perhaps you could do a little guessing game along the way to keep the suspense for the car ride?

This is super exciting and I cannot wait to hear how it all unfolds!


Welcome to MB! and congratulations on such a fab trip! Yes, we want to know all about how you tell the kids eventually- what a great surprise!


Welcome to MB! My suggestion is whatever way you decide to tell them, make sure to video it. You will look back and watch it and smile every time. Have a fun time and a safe drive!