wake up call !!!

my parents had been planning a surprise Walt Disney World vacation, my mother didn’t think it was going to happen so she told me her plans…
this morning she calls me upstairs with my 2 siblings, (DS11 DB13) and turns out…

the plan is we leave tomorrow (Wednesday November 9th) and we make a pit stop at Daytona Beach for my DB because he wants a beach experience (Typhoon Lagoon wasn’t enough!) and then we continue our way to the mouse!
We are staying at Port Orleans Riverside for 8 nights! The longest we have ever stayed on site!
We have the DDP and will be eating a few new restaurants this year like Rose and Crown, 50’s Prime Time, Garden Grill, and Cape May Cafe.
Since I am going off to University next year, and we have never visited the mouse during the holidays, this is going to be a great trip!

Trip Report coming up next!


What a great surprise!!! have a great time!!!


Fun! Have a wonderful time!


Have a fabulous time!


That is such a wonderful surprise. I hope you guys have a blast.:mickey:


Have a wonderful time! Nothing like being at the World during the holiday time with all the decorations being up!


woohoo!! Have a great time! :mickey:


I am so excited for you. You will love the holiday feeling all around the World. Bring back a report full of fun and pictures :biggrin:


What a great surprise! Have a blast:)


Wow that’s a great Surprise! Enjoy your trip!


What an amazing surprise! Enjoy your time at the world and take lots of photos for us.


You are going to love it. The weather for the next 10 days is supposed to be really nice with the exception of a little rain on the 15 and 16th. Keep the mouse-house warm for us as we arrive the day you leave.
P.S. please leave a few Dole whips :laugh:


Have a great time!!! :happy:


You must have the coolest parents LOL:laugh::laugh:


yah okay mom…


How awesome! have a great time!!


Well yesterday we completed day 1 of driving! We stopped in Walter-borrow, SC. and ate at Bob Evans and Cracker Barrel restaurants we don’t have in Canada!
We are in Daytona Beach until Saturday then we leave bright and early to the happiest place on earth!!


Well after 5 different hotel rooms, we finally arrived at 1651 Alligator Bayou in Port Orleans Riverside.
While we were in Daytona it was pretty cold and there was a tropical storm over the ocean which meant we couldn’t go in the water anyways, we had already done the malls so we decided we would go to the indoor pool for the day… turns out some parents don’t know how to dress their kids and there was a “code brown” … no pool for us so we just decided to pack up a day early.
We called Disney Friday (November 11th) and asked if there was ANY room (preferably value resort) we could stay in just for the night. The ONLY room they could offer us was on the Boardwalk, concierge level… for $748!! We were not about to pay that much for one night. So we ended up staying at Seralago for the night. It was really nice to all of our surprises. My parents went to check us in and came back telling us we had the clown room!!! They were clearly unaware I HATE clown!!! I thought maybe I could get over it just for the night, but we walked in and they were EVERYWHERE! Either way I wasn’t about to make them change rooms. We got all unpacked and realized there were ants EVERYWHERE as well!! So we ended up switching rooms to the race car room, but of course it only had 4 beds when every other room had 5… wow! FINALLY we ended up in some kind of cabin room and we were set.

Pictures to come !!!


Normally I am the one to sleep in, in the mornings but this specific morning I woke up at 7am so excited to finally get to the parks… to my surprise it was only 4am… back to bed. Later on I woke up again at 7 still before everyone else. By the time everyone was packed up and ready to go it was about 930-10ish and we were FINALLY headed to Port Orleans Riverside for check-in. We had called the day before requesting building 18 or around that of Alligator Bayou and we were told it was now considered a preferred room and would cost that. Well this was not okay with my DD… We had called a few days prior to our trips to request building 18 and it always worked out, my dad had even tripled check it for this trip so he would be fighting this one once we checked in. Of course Disney has the best customer service ever! So we got the preferred room for free of charge! They told us we could check in was at 3 but it would be ready earlier so they would text us. While we were waiting for the text message we took the boat over to DTD. We had a reservation at Planet Hollywood for 2:20 but considering it was only about 11… we wanted to bump the reservation up.
We walked around the Marketplace and then headed over to the West Side and Planet Hollywood. We were luckily able to just walk right in to Planet Hollywood to eat. I really enjoy the food there and of course the atmosphere is great because I love looking at all the props, and learning all the facts about movies and all those things. The only thing I could complain about is the noise! We had people sitting beside us who invited their friends to come visit their table because they had been shopping around. As soon as their friends walked in the woman stood up and yelled across the restaurant. Keep in mind it is already pretty loud in there, she was even louder. I was shocked, sure it isn’t a fancy restaurant or something but I still don’t think yelling across it is very polite, especially when you’re inviting a group of 5 more people over to your table so you can stand in the crowded walkways to chat.
Anyways the food was pretty good according to my whole family. My DB13 got a kids meal of Captain Crunch chicken where you can’t go wrong! My DS11 got a turkey sandwich which she seemed to enjoy, my DD got the steak, my DM got fajitas and said the chicken was really good! I got the manicotti and had about two bites before I was stuffed, it wasn’t that good anyways… it was decent. We also got the VIP platter which isn’t on the dining plan but we never go to Planet Hollywood without it! By this time our room was ready to go! :laugh: