Well i wanted to share with everyone the surprise phone call I received. So I went to disney jan 31st to feb 7th and While i was there, there was ups and downs with things. So I was told to please write because disney needs to know ups and downs. So in the email I was telling them that we went to crystal palace, and the chef took an hour an half to come talk to my dad because he is allergic to orange juice. After alot of miscommunications she had with the waiter, it took an hour and a half. She felt so bad and gave us fass passes to any 2 rides that we wanted. The funniest part of that is because my mom was in a wheelchair, no one would except it. So i went on and explained other things but also said i wish i could get a copy of the recipe for the pineapple pancakes at ohana because they were the best. Well needless to say that i got a call, and i now have fast passes for 2 rides for anyone in my group for any 2 rides in any of the parks, and she is getting someone to email me the recipe for those delicious pancakes. I was so shocked. I said to her that i was not looking for anything, in fact, i was just writing because I was told too.

Anyone else get stuff like this, from an email.


Wow that was very nice of them. You will have to let us know how your pancakes turn out once you try the recipe.


i will but i still havent gotten it…i pray i get it soon.


That is wonderful! :heart: I love hearing happy endings to stories like this. I’m so glad they followed through for you!