SW air through Jan 9th


On June 26 SW is supposed to release flights through January 9, 2009. I think they did it to tease me. I leave on January 7th and return on the 12th. So close but I will have to wait a few more months to book.


No fair!! You were robbed!!!

I’ve been waiting as well for flight info to come available for our February 09 trip. How did you find out when they will release pricing??? The wait is so frustrating!!!


Go to their webpage and hit the link for “travel tools” and they have a sentence at the top of the page.

I guess in a couple months we will be booking.


Thank you!!!


Rats! I thought they released the dates today when I read your heading here.


Just one more week! Trying to get rates for the marathon weekend.


I just hope they have some decent fares for November 20-30. It seems like I’ve been waiting forever but I’ll finally be able to get it all done next week. I also like the fact that they haven’t joined the “added fees” club.:laugh: