SW Thanksgiving Week


Since we are going to WDW Thanksgiving week I booked my air on SW the day it became available. I thought for sure flights would book fast or rates would climb by the day.

That was on June 26th. Since then I keep checking the website to see if fares have changed, etc. and everything is still the same from the day I booked it. Nothing is even unavailable yet!

This is strange to me - I thought Thanksgiving week would be out of control busy to travel. Do you think this is strange?


I don’t find it strange after flying to Orlando at Christmas. We flew out on the 21st (I think) and home on the 26th and both flights were only half full. I thought for sure both flights would be full since they always are in the summer when we normally fly.


I read travel is expected to be down due to high fuel costs.


Give it time, there will be last minute bookings. As far as changes in price, the Dings will come. They will be looking to fill those spots.


Personally, I don’t find it strange at all. I think that people are going to be staying home alot more now with the price of gas, groceries, etc.


When the airfares first came out on June 26th, I was on the phones with SW first thing in the morning. It will cost me $409 per person, and I have to come home a day later than I want to! JetBlue is cheaper! Unless an awesome Ding comes out, we’re definitely driving.


I guess maybe alot of people are waiting for the DINGs to come out. I don’t have the option of driving - I did look into JetBlue but the price was about the same and then we’d have to drive to a further airport and pay to park. Delta is my only other option and that was $800/person! I did book the SW tickets at $460/person but if a DING comes out I’ll try to rebook and use the credit for another trip! I’m not happy with the cost, but I did expect to pay more just b/c it’s a holiday week. At least with SW you don’t have worry about all the extra fees for baggage that other airlines are charging!


We decided to drive…why? We have a family of 6…need I say more?