SW Weekends talk featuring Geeman and DEWEY!


Heya, Folks-

Just dawned on me some of you over here might be interested in this – I host a Star Wars related podcast (called “Echo 3 to Echo 7”) where I discuss Star Wars memories with an old pal.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to do a STAR WARS WEEKENDS SPECIAL EDITION - all about the SW celebrations past and present. About halfway through the show, I am joined by a fellow forum member – the one and only banjo-toting, hog supportin’, hillbilly rockstar…Dewey!

Dewey discusses his feelings about visiting the first of this year’s SW Weekends, and much more. It was a fun interview and I gotta tell ya- this guy is totally awesome. I really enjoyed our chat and look forward to more.

I ONLY recommend it if you have a fast internet connection, and a semi-recent computer – as it’s an enhanced podcast – meaning there’s pictures, too.

You don’t need an iPod to hear it - it can be heard (or seen) via the website. If you use iTunes, hit the subscribe button and watch it that way!There are also some great photos posted up there by our other forum friend, Kevin (though I’m waiting on the Dewman’s additions).

So if you’d like to hear us chatting about SW Weekends, come on over and have a listen:

Geeman’s SW Podcast


This sounds cool! I am going to have to listen when I have a few more minutes.


Me too! I’m going to listen tonight.


It’s 25 minutes of chat! Can’t wait, sounds juicy…