SWA ding


Hi all! I just got my ding working 3 days ago and havent had a ding yet from philly to orlando. I had orlando as one of my choices so I thought that could be it so I removed it. Will I ever get dings from philly to orlando?


I’m sure a DING will come up but there’s no telling when.


Oh… I just got one for $60 Dec 3-19th… Philly to Orlando… I guess I just had to take the Orlando out as a fav airport


I just booked the $60 DING coming home from Orlando and saved $140! Hooray!

I have both Philly and Orlando as favorite airports, so I get DINGs for both.


Thats great!


Congrats…you were waiting on that to pop up.


I sure was, Dana. I was beginning to think it wouldn’t happen. Philly is such a busy airport for going to WDW, flights really fill up.


Question for you…do you always use Southwest out of philly? I am looking to shave a few dollars of my vacation and the airfare is where Iwould like to save this trip. I have never flown southwest before and was wondering if they normally run speicals like that out philly? Do they allow you to rebook if you find a cheaper price?? Most airlines I have flown will not allow that, so I always find myself gambling with the airfare price. Any advice or thoughts you have for me are much appreciated.


I ALWAYS fly SWA out of philly. I was ale to get 5 people to WDW in May memorial weekend last minute for $528.00 RT. I always catch some kind of deal weather it is $39 1 way or $49 1 way. I love SWA except when I came home this last time and they kept 1 piece of luggage in orlando untill 3 flights later:angry: but they will let you change and give you a credit voucher.


Yep, we always fly Southwest. You are able to cancel a flight and re-book. The funds from the flight you cancel remain in your account for a year and you can use them to book your next flight. For example, I booked our flight home a couple of months ago at approximately $100/person. When the DING came out today, I made sure they had the flight I wanted, then I opened up another window and canceled my original flight, then I finished booking the flight I wanted and used my funds to pay for it. I have $138 in funds left to pay for flights within the next year. :smile:


I :heart: SWA

except when they delayed my stuff


thanks for explaining that. I will have to redownload thier ding for when I start looking for airfare…probally not until April or so for my August trip.