SWA Fare Frenzy in Florida


SWA is having a sale!!

Travel between Florida and select cities for $49 to $89 one-way.

Book by April 3 for travel April 25 - June 15, 2006.


I hope someone can take advantage of this. I book our flights today for $65 each way–not too bad.


Wowza! That Is The Cheapest I’ve Seen!


Too bad I’m not going there :P.


Figures I’m going in July… my depart flight was $147!! :dry:


I got worried at first that I didn’t get the BEST deal, but then again I’m traveling after June 15th, and the fare from Providence is only a tiny bit lower in this offer, so I’m still doing my low-airfare-happy-dance.


I beat that in Febuary! Base rate $54.88 one way X four $271.20 X two $542.40 round trip, non-stop for the four of us! :happy:


cmon October! :pirate:


Keep watching, SWA is pretty good about special offers you just have to keep an eye out and be ready to jump on it when you see it. DING! is a super way to get the lowest rate.


ACtually, this is the same total I paid. I guess the fare without the taxes added on thrrw me :tongue:


Got mine, had to add an extra day because there were no returns available for the day I wanted.
Makes me so upset :biggrin: :tongue:


Wow, what a bad thing to happen to you!!! :tongue:


I hate it whan that happens! :laugh: We had to add a day to the front of our trip in order to get our rate.


The torture they put us through. :wink:


Tell me about it. Now I just have to really hope for no snow days. Now we are flying out on the day after school is scheduled to get out so don’t have any days to play with. I’m a little worried because we might get snow Monday night–up to 6 inches! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


We are for sure getting a snow day on Monday. We are to get 4-6 on sunday and 12+ on Monday. :eek: And we have not had any snow at all this year. Hope it misses you, but hits us. :tongue:


Man, I don’t need to hear this! I hope you get all of it because I don’t want to see a single flake.