SWA now is the time fror Sep-Nov


Southwest Airlines | Book Flights, Airline Tickets, Airfare 3days only you guys travelling from sep 8th---------nov17th…if already booked …you can get these fares…good luck to all


Wow! Great prices. My friends are going to buy flights today so they can be there when we are. Thanks.


If it was $39 from Indy to Orlando I would do it, but it is still $79 and we can get $80 on most days. I am sure it will help someone, but since we will need 6 tickets it still makes since for us to drive.


its the tweeners that don’t make out…we can fly to SFO from SAN for 39…always nice to get to the city by the bay


Bummer for me. The low fares are only for flights that are not at good times of the day, for me. My original booking is better. Thanks for the heads up and I hope these work for some of you.


Its still $118 from Philly. ={