SWA On-line Check-in Question!


Do I have to check everyone in individually or do I just use are confirmation # and my name because I am the primary name when I booked our tickets?


when you put in the confirmation number, put in the primary name and all of the names will come up to check in at once. I’m thinking you might have to put a check mark by each name, but I can’t remember for sure.

I do know that it’s a one check in for all though.


Thank you.


You have to check in everyone in your party. They will prompt you to do so.


Everybody under the same confirmation number come up, and you do have to check all people.


if it one fare code then all will come up at same time also if you are travelling with kids you get some priority seating no matter what …SWA …used to be my last choice now it is my first choice …starting up in the west is virgin america no flight s to orlando yet but maybe real soon…


Family boarding (traveling with little ones under 5(?) board between group A and group B. If you have an A boarding pass then you board then.

Medical reason preboards - generally wheelchair (w/blue pass) board first ahead of all other groups.