SWA Rapid Rewards Bonus Credits Offer


Sign up for SWA RR emails by 8/30 and get 2 bonus credits on your Rapid Rewards frequent flyer account.

Southwest Airlines - Rapid Rewards E-mail

DING - You are free to earn bonus credits! :laugh:


Thanks for the link. I need more credits


Cool, thanks! We can always use more credits!


I get commission. 0ne credit each please! :laugh:

I’ll get email for credits. It’s better than the HUNDREDS of total garbage I get every week. (If you need ANY body part enlarged or decreased, or ANYTHING Billy Mays EVER sold, let me know and I’ll send a few your way! :laugh:)


I didnt see where they offered the credits. Ill have to check my account


Here is the card I got. Have to be subscribed for 3 months before you get the bonus.


Thanks! I hope I get the credits. It always seems the closer I get to it they expire :laugh:


Need more WDW trips.

Most of mine are 2-4 days so we go more often.