SWA revelations


SWA has been so excellent in its booking policies that I actually just called them on the phone to see if everything was in the system – because booking had gone so smoothly it seemed impossible!

Here’s what happened:

We booked a flight for travel last month for three people, but we were unable to take it. So we cancelled the day before the trip, and the total amount of funds for the reservation were placed into an account.

A couple of weeks later, I re-booked the trip, but for two people instead of three. During the online booking session, I clicked on that account, the funds from the cancelled flight popped up and I applied it to the new tickets. There was still a balance.

This morning, I booked another trip for two and the account popped up again, and there were the remaining funds, still waiting to be used, and with one click, the amount was deducted from the new flight and I used a credit card to pay the balance.

So I ask you – HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that an airline is running this smoothly? Am I missing something? We have yet to actually get on a plane, though I traveled SWA a lot many years ago. But if the flights run as smoothly as reservations, it will be the start of a beautiful friendship.

And the icing on the cake is the WEB ONLY FARES! That Ding! program is so incredibly dirt cheap.I am still stunned.


I wish that SW would fly out of Charlotte!! We have driven to RDU before to fly SW, but it’s not worth the 2.5 hour trip each way when we are so close to CLT.

Glad for you, though!! Those Dings sound great.


[QUOTE=leslieh;940416]I wish that SW would fly out of Charlotte!! We have driven to RDU before to fly SW, but it’s not worth the 2.5 hour trip each way when we are so close to CLT.

Glad for you, though!! Those Dings sound great.[/QUOTE]
I wish that too. I have to fly out of a small airport north of Detroit/Chicago. I have 2 airlines to choose from :pinch:


Its funny how we have come to expect things to not run smoothly, that when they do actually run smoothly, we are surprised! I think SWA is a great airline, from top to bottom.


I love that the credit from one person’s ticket can be applied to another person’s flight. Over the last few yrs between my kids and I, we have had credit going back and forth depending who is flying when.


We have just made reservations for our July Disney trip with SWA.

We have never flown this airline before and so far they have been helpful with all of my questions.

We chose SWA because of the credit if necessary to cancel policy and the baggage fees (oh yea there are none unless you over pack or care to take extra baggage). We have a family member who is very ill and hopefully we won’t have to cancel and rebook, but it is nice to know that you can.

I agree Ding is great!



It’s too bad the other airlines don"t learn from SWA’s success.


I agree totaly, well I’ll let you know when I get back.



We have only ever flown SWA to Orlando and have never had a problem. Plus if the price drops you can adjust your ticket price and the balance goes back into that account. The flights have always been right on time or early. One exception being when we were delayed in Orlando because of a large nasty thunder storm moving up the east coast. And I would rather be delayed in that case.

Just remember that you have to use the funds with one year from the time you booked the first flight they were used for.


Thanks for the info.



I couldn’t agree more.

My experiences with Southwest are when I’ve used their free flight coupons that a friend gets for frequent flying.

I couldn’t believe it: Reserve exactly the flight you want. Any flight. When it’s time to fly, present the coupon at check-in. Receive ticket. Fly.

Simple, easy… amazing.


Well I must say that I have never flown SW and never will. When I worked at the airport I saw everyday how they overbook flights, get short with customers and never offer anything free.:sad: But as I like to say you get what you pay for and their is a reason they are cheap. Maybe if they ever get on board with Magical express I will but until then it is Delta for me.


I :wub: Southwest!

Fares are great, always had a good flight, everything has always been smooth for me.


Amen. There isn’t another airline out there that can compare. Sorry to say they don’t fly out of our airport, but would fly them in a heart beat if they did.


I am so glad that you are having a great experience with SWA. I used them for the first time in January to go to Nashville and again in February to go to WDW. I cannot even imagine going back to Spirit. Their service is top notch. Flawless flights both times. I was initially put off with their seating policy, but truly found it to be better than when you have assigned seats. They have my business for every trip in the future.


I won’t fly any other airline–ever. We have only had wonderful service from them.


We always fly SWA and use Magical Express every time.