SWA sale update


Yesterday i checked fares for las vegas and couldn’t get the dates I wanted and lo and behold today i checked and all flights were 40 dollars ,so the moral of the story is keep checking if your town is on the list,also make sure you check the sale banner on the home page that seemed to also make a difference,don’t know if that is true but an SWA agent said to go in that way…good luck and I hope some of you get to save some cash


just noticed my countdown,under 300 hooooraaay


Same thing happened to me. First day of the SWA sale, I couldn’t get my dates. The next day I found $80 fares! The next day they went up to over $200 fares. So much $$$ saved.


congrats …someone told me that SWA system was overwhelmed and to click on the banner on main page and it sent you througha different portal and yes thyere were more fares at the discounted fare…congrats on the savings,I just love the freedom of SWA ,all airlines should be this way,period


So thrilled you guys were able to take advantage of it. The fares for me from philly to orlando at the times I wanted were not very economical. Oh well…guess it was meant for me to drive.


try to get an airline card,like us airways,you pay for one 250 or aboveand you get 2 companions for 99 each …so lets say it is 260,for one then you get 2 others for 99 plus airport fees for the other 2


This is a terrible price so far …