SWA..for next 3 days


No Tricks Early Treats Halloween Offer - Southwest Airlines


Well isn’t that a kicker. Same flights we already booked . . . lots cheaper! :ph34r:


They were even cheaper last week 79.00!


rebook and put theextra money in ticketless travelfunds for another trip SWA lets you do it no problem …


The 1001-1500mile flights are now down to $79.00!!


I’m so glad you posted this!!! It’s such a good deal, we’re booking a long weekend trip in January! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


There’s no fee for rebooking?? Hmmm, will have to check this out today. Thanks!


Yes, when I saw this, I almost booked a 3 day trip. I found flights for $60! Shocked! Haven’t seen it that low in a loooooong time.