So what can you tell me about the Swalphin? I will be there on Friday and have never stayed there before. I still don’t know which one it is because the planners of this trip are so last minute with every single thing. It’s making me a little crazy to tell you the truth.


I’ve stayed at both and prefer the Swan, but only because I had a bad work experiance at the Dolphin. The resort itself was great.

As with all the EPCOT resorts it is a quick walk to the back entrance to EPCOT and the monorail from there takes you to the Magic Kingdom. ( At least that’s the way we do it. )

You will have lots of dinner choices between the Swan Dolphin and the Boardwalk area. This area is actually my favorite resorts to stay at.

Now the down side, the two resorts are not heavily Disney themed, but to the plus the service is every bit as good. And in my experiance the staffs get it.

I think you will have a great time! Sure wish it was me!



Thanks Harry. I am looking foward to the hotel and crossing fingers I don’t have a random roomy! I hate roomy roulette.:laugh:


When I walk into the Dolphin lobby, I get blown away every time by the beauty! It is breathtaking! Such a great pool that we tried to sneak in one year. The best part about Swalphin is that there are a lot of quick options for breakfast, which is a treat compared to my beloved Boardwalk, which has none.


I found out this morning that I will be at the Dolphin. I should be at the hotel by around noon and am free until 5pm. I intend to hit the studios…lol Single rider line on RnR here I come! I have to report to a meeting from 5-7pm and then there is a casino night that includes a dinner. I was told to make an appearance…back to hollywood Studios. We have an early wake-up on Saturday that includes more meetings than I can sit still for. We are free from 4:30 - 6:30…I will be hitting the Boardwalk or Downtown hopefully at some point. There is an awards dinner that evening, but…:laugh:


You should find some time to enjoy the Grotto. Great pool bar too!


I may hit the pool bar for a wine or two, but I don’t see me putting on a swim suit. I don’t want to be “that” girl. I can count on my two hands how many store managers we have that are women in this company.:laugh:


Epcot resort location is the best.

Walking distance to two parks, strolls around the Boardwalk, Ice Cream @ Beaches, watch Illuminations from the bridge, Bakery on the Boardwalk, etc, etc, etc.


You almost won’t realize you’re not staying in one of Disney’s own resorts.
Hopefully you’ll be in one of the finger wings and not the pyramid, and then that your room has a balcony.
For some architectural reason they decided to give every other room a balcony, not every room.


Just wanted to add that I am so SO jealous of you. Just sayin’:happy: