Swan and Dolphin Restaurants $25 Certificates for $2


I don’t know if this has been brought up before but I noticed the Swan and Dolphin restaurants are listed on Best Deals and Discounts on the Best Local Restaurants – Save Money on Food with Restaurant.com search for restaurants within1 mile of zip code 32830.

Restaurant.com allows you to but Dinner coupons at a discounted rate. A $25 certificate is usually $10, but there is always a coupon available. Just search for “restaurant.com coupon”

Currently there is a 80% coupon “MEAL” available. Making the $10 certificates only $2.

I use these all the time at home as they are good towards the total bill, including alcohol. Sometimes they stipulate that 2 entrees must be purchased.

I found Shulas, Il Molino, Garden Grove, Bluezoo and Kimonos. House of Blues is also available.


Woaw, that is amazing. What a deal.
Will you use any of them for you next trip?


Actually My scheming know no bounds. Im going to put my kids in Camp Dolphin for 2 hours. They have a promotion where if you eat at certain restaurants, Bluezoo for example, you get 2 hours free childcare per entree. I have 2 kiddos, so Thats $40 savings for Camp Dolphin, plus the $25 certificate. I’m $63 in the red before I even sit down to eat. Say my bill comes to $100. That will end up to be $75 for Dinner and two hours childcare at The Dolphin.


I don’t see the $2.00 certificates??


Put the $10 into your cart and apply the coupon code. Todays code is MEAL. Other days you can search for a new one.


OHHHHH I see now. Thanks!!!