Swan and dolphin sale!


i’m not sure if anyone already discussed this but I found this on travelzoo.com
Special Offer from Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Hotel:
$139 – Orlando 4-Diamond Resort (40% OFF) *
Orlando, Florida
Travel dates: May 25-June 3 & August 1-September 30

see travelzoo.com for details
im kicking myself for already booking my trip to cbr



thanks for the info.:mickey:


I saw an offer on the Disboards for $149 a night, too. Grrrrrr. I just don’t have the vacation days to add another trip this year!


Awesome! I sent it off to my friend. She loves the Swan and usually travels with me to get my nurse rate. She’s going in August with another friend, so this will be perfect for her. Thanks!!


I just booked the Swan for $139! Only needed one night for my “travel night”. After reading ddoll’s reports of the Swan I had to book it. Now I drive for 7 hours, go to Epcot, walk until I’m exhausted, then crash at the Swan. Sounds perfect! Thanks for the tip guys! I love this place.