Swan And Dolphin


I saw on another thread started by my lovely Jessica that there is a character meal inside the Swan, with Lion king characters. I never realised that this was here and just wondered if anyone had any thoughts about this restaurant. Good, bad indifferent…i’d love to hear. We may try it on our next trip.
Ps…who are the actual characters are there?


Hey there :smile: I did some investigating and it seems that this switch over is a fairly new thing. The “weekend character buffet” must have previously been a Guliver’s thing and now from what I gather it’s all becoming Garden Grove?? The lady at Disney Dining told me that the characters change AS WELL as the buffet theme. I would definately ask what both are scheduled to be if you call. On our particular evening it’s Lion King characters (Timon, Rafiki, etc.) and the buffet theme is “seafood” (I was reassured they also have chicken and beef).

This is the link I found at Allears, but once again it’s pretty old and doesn’t necessarily reflect the changes, at the bottom you DO see the buffet menu though: (I am sure it’s different since the change)
Gulliver’s Dinner Menu - Garden Grove - Swan


Ooop, I found the official WDW page for it…

Walt Disney World Resort - Detecting Browser Properties . . .

Looks REALLY pretty, it’s now a “Central Park” theme… ooo, I wonder if I will feel like I am at ‘Tavern on the Green.’ :laugh:


Here is a link to the “10 Best” list… the Swan character breakfast is #8! Sounds great!
Orlando Character Dining Restaurants - The Best Character Dining restaurants in Orlando, FL - 10Best


Thanks for the link . . . I would have put them in a different order . . . but good to know this stuff!! :happy:


I would love another character dining restaurant. I would just want to know for sure who was going to be there.