Swan/dolphin vs. Yacht/beach club or Boardwalk


Ok… here’s the question. You’re going with 2 boys age 2 and 5. You’re going to go to the MK and DS where would you choose and why. Swan and Dolphin or the Beach Club or Boardwalk.

Which is closer to were you’re wanting to go and what is more kid friendly?


BC for the pool. When we stayed there with our 2 yr DGD, she loved the sandy beach.


Seems kind of odd to choose two resorts that are so close to Epcot; when you’re not planning on going to Epcot. Why not choose a monorail resort - say the Poly or the Contemporary. You’ll be a couple of minutes from the MK.


Sorry, I should have mentioned that my friend’s husband has a convention at the Swan/ Dolphin. But they have been given the choice of those resorts.


I vote for BC. I have been to the Dolphin and BC and hands down,BC is better. They have an amazing pool that fits all ages. There is also a beach area(no swimming but fun stuff) that has a campfire with the works. a movie each night( weather permitting) and Beaches,which has AWESOME ice cream. You can boat over to the BW for the cool entertainers and watch them perform. I like the gameroom at BC as well. It is large with lots of fun games. They also have daily activites for people of all ages. We will be back there in May and cannot wait. I hope that helps. The Dolphin was nice,don’t get me wrong,but just did not have the “kid friendly” stuff that BC did.


I, too, vote for BC! That pool is cool!


Oh! OK - then I vote for the BC/YC


I agree with everyone, BC! Much more for kids there but Boardwalk would be a close second I think.


Having never stayed at any of the resorts and going to BC in the summer, I would pick BC. After all the reading I have been doing on this resort, it sounds fabulous, especially for kids who like to swim.


Beaches and Cream has EXACTLY the same Edy’s ice cream they serve everywhere else in WDW. It’s just OK and you can buy it all day long at your local supermarket. Sorry to disagree, but Edy’s standard flavored ice creams are not awesome. And that’s another thing, they don’t really have a big selection of flavors to choose from anywhere in WDW, unlike Baskin Robbins or Cold Stone Creamery or even your local gelato shop.

Even if you aren’t a hotel guest, you can still participate in all of the stuff Yacht/Beach does on their beach. It’s just too high of a traffic area to tell people they can’t come onto the beach.

Swan/Dolphin should cost you a bit less than Y/B/B, but most of the rooms do not have balconies. On the other hand, the Dolphin is taller than all the other hotels. Inside, there is no real difference between Yacht and Beach as it’s actually one big hotel that shares most of their amenities between the two sides.

The real differences are that only the Disney hotels offer the Disney Dining Plan and you can not charge most of your purchases back to your room.
As for activities, other than Stormalong Bay being exclusively for Yacht/Beach guests, you can activate at any of the 5 Crescent Lake resorts if you wish to.


BC for Stormalong Bay, because the kids will love it. Otherwise, I love the Boardwalk.


I’ve stayed at the Swan, before, and it is a good deal for Disney property - a deluxe resort for a moderate price. Plus, the Heavenly beds are super comfy!

But, if you’re looking for kid-friendly, I think you’d enjoy either the BW or YC/BC more. The Swan and Dolphin are lacking that Disney feel… and the art deco theming isn’t for anyone (then again, what theming is for everyone). The pools aren’t nearly as exciting as Disney pools, but they are still nice (water falls and such), and the kids likely wouldn’t care (unless they walk by the other resorts’ pools… then there might be some pool envy). When I was a kid, water was water. :laugh: The Dolphin seems like it might be a little more family-friendly - it is larger and has a more dramatic lobby area. Of course, the Dolphin has full beds, while the Swan has queens (that is why we went with the Swan). Others will point out that there isn’t but a 6" or so difference, but depending on sleeping habits, those 6" might make a big difference! :laugh:

As others have mentioned, Stormalong Bay at YC/BC is like a mini waterpark - super fun for the kids. The Boardwalk has a great slide, too, but the clown face tends to frighten young ones (it kinda creeps me out… :laugh:).

Even if you don’t choose to stay at the YC/BC or BW, you can still go eat at the resorts or shop there - you just can’t use the pools.


We have stayed at the Dolphin and at Yacht Club…while both are great, we would definitely prefer the Yacht Club for the POOL, the best at WDW!


Beach Club. Definitely.


If the company is paying then BC all the way!


Beach Club hands down.


I have a special place in my heart for the Beach Club, even though I never stayed there. We stayed at the Yatch Club, but honestly, we spent most of our time at the Beach Club side. We weren’t big fans of the YC. I mean, the rooms were good, the CM’s were awesome and the resort and grounds are beautiful. But it just wasn’t our families atmosphere. I feel the BC is much more family friendly. And plus, the closeness to HS and EPCOT, plus being right across from all the fun at the Boardwalk is a really nice plus!


Thanks everyone for your advice. I personally if money was not and issue would pick BC or YC over the other resorts. I love the look, pools, and as some mentioned the closeness to EPCOT.