Swapping Keys to the World


So we’re going to WDW in 2 days (YIKES!) with our 2 DD’s (2 & 6) and my parents. DH and I are staying for 12 days but we’re flying the kids and my parents home after 7 days. In order to ensure the girls had Magical Express back to the airport when my parents were leaving we had to put them on my parents reservation. I just realized though that DD1’s dining credits will be on my mom’s key to the world card and not mine. There’s a good chance we aren’t eating most of our meals with my parents, so we’ll have to use our dining card for DD1. :ohmy:

So after some brainstorming, DH said well is there a reason why him and I couldn’t give our key to the world cards to my parents, and they give us theirs since it’ll have our DD’s credits on them? We should have ajoining rooms, so they’ll be able to get back to the room, but we’ll just have to remember to swap back when they leave. Does Disney check ID when you’re entering a park for the 1st time, or do they just finger scan? I also thought, well the finger scan may not work on my card after my mom leaves because it will have her scan on it, but I will have my ID to clear up the confusion.

Any other ideas?


I don’t understand why you coudn’t book your DD’s ME with her in your room. Disney can’t expect everyone in a room arrives and departs on the same flight.

I think you are going to have problems switching passes. The pass says it’s nontransferable so you are taking a risk there. Have you tried to add her to your reservation for that part of your trip?


Our TA had originally booked the girls in our room, but I had noticed that she had 2 seperate reservations. One for the 1st part of our trip with them and a seperate one for the 2nd part of the trip. That was a problem b/c I didn’t want to have to purchase a 7 day pass and a 4 day pass which was a lot more expensive than just purchasing the 10 day pass.

I’m wondering if they can switch the girls to our room (or at least DD’s dining credits on our card) when we check in…


I think I would try moving them, we’ve done that at check in but not with dining credits. We had 2 rooms with 5 people and the CM at the desk sorted us into the rooms once we arrived.


I would call the front desk of the hotel you are going to stay at and ask them. Like Stephanie said, they should be able to clear it up upon check in.

Here is a link to resort phone numbers so you can call and ask: Resort Phone & Fax Numbers


Do you guys think it’s better to call them ASAP or just wait to discuss it with the CM who checks us in???


If calling would set your mind at ease call and find out.


I called and was told that each person’s dining credits are on their room keys. My TA had said that the primary person on the reservation had all the credits…:confused:

Which is correct?


I believe when you check in . . . each person in the party will get their own key . . . so your kids will have their meals on theirs with their park tickets. (cept for the two year old who is FREE)

When we would go to a sit down meal, they would ask for EVERYONE in the groups keys so that they could all be credited. At CS, I could only use kids keys for kids meals and Adult keys for Adult meals.

The key will not work if the fingerprint does not match . . . A CM told me that all it does is keep the key from being transferable to someone else.

Hope I helped? :confused:


On our trip this passed April, we had 2 rooms, at the restuarants they just took one card from one person in each room. And the deducted everyone’s meals that way. I think when you check in you can have you daughter in your room with you. And just explain that they are leaving with your parents on the day that they are leaving.